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Saturday 02 Nov 1822 - BMD
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* March 28, 2023, 12:31:09 PM
 Saturday 02 Nov 1822   (p. 3, col. 5)

On Tuesday last, at St. Mary's Church, in this City, by the Rev. J. FAWCETT, John FORSTER, Esq. of Newtown, to Marian, eldest daughter of the late Mr. EWART, of Woodbank, near Carlisle.
On Wednesday last, at Scaleby church, by the Rev. J. FAWCETT, Henry FARRER, Esq. to Frances, youngest daughter of Rowland FAWCETT, Esq.
At St. Mary's church, in this city, on Saturday last, Mr. James M'ADAM, to Miss Ann JACKSON.
At Springfield, on Friday se'nnight, Mr. John PALMER, of this city, blacksmith, aged 48 years, to Miss Sarah COLLINS, of Cummersdale, aged 15.
At Wigton, Mr. Peter HENRY, to Miss Margaret GLAISTER.
At Penrith, on Thursday last, Mr. Thomas LITTLE, nailor, to Miss Mary LEDLEY.
On Saturday, at Workington, Mr. Henry CASSON, to Miss Mary ROOM.
At Whitehaven, Mr. B. HEXHAM, to Miss Jane CARENS.
At Gretna Green, William FRAZER, Esq., Town Clerk of Great Grimsby, Lincoln, to Miss Jane HARDWICK, of Norfolk-street, Strand, London, and of Beverley, Yorkshire.
At Ulverston, Mr. John TAYLOR, to Mrs. COUSINS, relict of the late Capt. R. COUSINS.
Mr. Richard DIXON, schoolmaster, to Miss A. HOLME, both of Tatham, near Bentham, Westmorland.
At Liverpool, Mr. Adolphus PERRIE, late of Quermore Park, near Lancaster, to Mrs. WILLIAMS, formerly housekeeper to Daniel WILSON, Esq. of Dallam Tower, near Milnthorp.
At Cherrytrees, Roxburghshire, John DODGSON, Esq. W. S. to Isabella, daughter of the late John FALCONER, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.
At Douglas, Isle of Man, Lieut. William DE SHEAR, of the 6th Regiment of Foot, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. William CURPHEY.

On Monday last, at Suttle House, Mary Blamire, eldest daughter of Mr. George THOMPSON, aged 5 years and 7 months.
On Monday the 21st ult. Mary, wife of Mr. Thomas JAMES, hostler at the Grapes Inn, in this city, in the 38th year of her age.
Yesterday week, Mr. James BOUSTEAD, of Caldcoats, aged 79 years.
On Saturday last, at his house, in Allonby, aged 50, William LOMAS, Esq. M. D. Dr. L. has closed a life spent in exercising the laborious duties of his profession for a period of nearly 30 years; and to the great and enthusiastic zeal and activity with which he pursued it, may justly be attributed that violent excitement of the system which terminated so unhappily. Seldom has such a sensation been excited, or such deep and sincere regret felt, for the loss of any man. Dr. L. was particularly distinguished for the mildness and suavity of his disposition, and the urbanity of his manners: he was a kind friend to the poor, to whom he generally extended gratuitous advice; and often, when pressed by hard necessity, has he administered to them what their wants required. As a practitioner of medicine, his character was too well known to require comment. Pretty deeply read in medical literature, and possessing a powerful and comprehensive mind, which eminently qualified him for practical observation, he occupied a high standing in his profession; and thoroughly conversant with every department of it, the success of his practice, as conducted on the soundest and most scientific principles, has seldom had a parallel. Long will his name be honoured and respected by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

[to be continued]

Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives


* March 29, 2023, 03:45:00 PM
At Wigton, on Sunday se'nnight, Mrs. WILSON, wife of Mr. WILSON, aged 77 years, much respected and deeply lamented by her friends.
At Margate, on 21st October, Mr. John COLEMAN, a native of this city.
At Penrith, on Friday se'nnight, Mrs. Elizabeth WOMBLES, widow, aged 83.—Same place, on Monday last, Isabella, wife of Mr. Anthony METCALFE, smith, aged 57.
At Brougham Hospital, near Penrith, Mary, wife of Mr. John HODGSON, yeoman.
On Monday evening, Mr. John JEFFERSON, of Cockermouth, formerly a currier, much and deservedly respected, aged 65: he was in perfect health two hours previous to his death.
On Sunday night, in Howgill-street, Whitehaven, Mary, wife of Mr. James WHITE, master of the brig Atalanta.
Sunday, at the house of Mrs. KIRBY, Whitehaven, Miss Mary RIGG, milliner.
At Nook, near Muncaster Castle, Mr. Henry CADDY, of that place.
At Salto, near Allonby, Mr. T. OSMOTHERLY, aged 88.
At Eskmeals, aged 20, Margaret, younger daughter of Mrs. FALCON, a young lady of great personal and mental endowments.
At Whicham, Mrs. Eleanor BENSON, aged 97.
At Papcastle, Mr. Thomas THOMPSON, aged 70.
At Little Clifton, Mr. Richard NIXON, aged 84.
Oct. 21, at Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, the Rev. Henry PORTER, Rector of Springfield, Essex, and Vicar of Enfield, Middlesex, formerly of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Miss JACKSON, sister to Mr. JACKSON, Market-place, Kendal, aged 37. Mr. BELLINGHAM, of the Bishop, Highgate, Kendal, aged 35 years.
Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. John HALL, of Kirkby Lonsdale.
At Appleby, on the 23rd inst., Mrs. Margaret SCOTT, aged 73 years.
A few days ago, at Burrels, near Appleby, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John ELLISON, aged 26.
Mr. Richard FOTHERGILL, slate and coal-merchant, Nottingham, formerly of Ravenstonedale, aged 59.
At Barrow, near Ulverston, Mr. John CRAGG, aged 84 years.
Mr. Robert RITCHIE, of Ulverston, painter—a youth whose dawning merit was of the highest stamp, and full of promise.
At Barngill, Mrs. S. HEWITT, aged 68, relict of Mr. Robert HEWITT, late of Harrington.
On the 23d Sept. at Baltimore, U. S. Miss Ann NICHOLSON, in the 45th year of her age, a native of the county of Westmorland.
On the 6th Aug. at Berbice, Mr. John POSTLETHWAITE, aged 30, son of Mr. Richard POSTLETHWAITE, Lancaster.
At March-hill, near Dumfries, Alex. RALSTON, shoemaker, in the 16th year of his age. He had retired to bed rather early, in perfect health, (having been working late the preceding evening), and was found a corpse in little more than a quarter of an hour afterwards.
At Kk. Michael, Isle of Man, of a fever, Mr. SYMES, aged 31 years.
Oct. 26, in the 66th year of his age, and after a lingering illness of nearly four months, James SOWERBY, Esq. F. L. S., M. G. S., &c. an artist of considerable talent, well known as the engraver of the plates, and the publisher of, the complete Flora of Great Britain, under the title of the "English Botany," and as a most intelligent and indefatigably laborious cultivator of the science of natural history.
In China, Mrs. MORRISON, wife of the Rev. Dr. MORRISON, a missionary. The Chinese having refused a place of burial where it was desired, and where an infant of Mrs. MORRISON's was before interred, and those Christians who inhabit Macao not allowing other Christians any place of interment but within the limits of the Fosse, outside the city wall, the Managing Committee of the English Factory in China, with a humane and liberal feeling, being assisted by some worthy Portuguese gentlemen, to overcome legal impediments, purchased a piece of ground, to be a cemetery for the English, and we doubt not for other Protestant Christians who in future choose to avail themselves of it.
Verona, Oct. 17.—Every lover of the Fine Arts in England, as well as in all quarters of the globe where his name was known, will hear with extreme regret that the celebrated CANOVA is no more. He expired at Venice on Sunday morning last, after a short illness. Where is the chisel that can execute a monument worthy of such a man? The dust of the marble is supposed to have been the primary cause of his death.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives