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Saturday 19 Oct 1822 - County Sessions
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 Saturday 19 Oct 1822   (p. 3, col. 2)

The Michaelmas quarter Sessions for the County of Cumberland commenced at Penrith, on Tuesday morning, before F. YATES, Esq. and a full Bench of Magistrates, (twenty-seven,) and ended on Thursday evening.
Tuesday was wholly occupied in the hearing of appeal causes, none of which are either interesting or important to the public. An appeal by Lord Carlisle against a rate of the parish of Farlam was referred to Mr. ARMSTRONG, the Barrister.
Wm. HASTY, for stealing various articles of apparel, &c. from the house of Grace ARMSTRONG, of Warwick-Bridge, with whom he lodged (as mentioned in our last), was sentenced to seven years' transportation. There were three indictments against him.
Elizabeth REAY, alias WREAY, for stealing a pair of shoes at Edenhall—to be transported seven years. There were also three indictments against this person.
Edward Henry GUARD, for petty larceny at Calderbridge—three months' imprisonment in the house of Correction at Whitehaven.
John THOMPSON, for uttering counterfeit money—to be imprisoned one year in the gaol of Carlisle.
Margaret SMITH, a girl of the town, charged with stealing a watch from the person of a man at Whitehaven—Verdict, Not Guilty
William BELL, guilty of an assault upon Joseph BLAYLOCK—fined £30, and to find two sureties in £25 each, for good behaviour for two years.
The former Committee for managing the affairs of the intended New Gaol were re-appointed. They are to enter into the necessary contacts with the proprietors of the ground selected for the scite of the new structure, and prepare specifications and estimates for the building, against the Christmas sessions.
The question of removing one of the four sessions to Whitehaven was not re-agitated.
The Lord-Lieutenant was present on Thursday, and inspected the plans of the New Gaol.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives