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Saturday 19 Oct 1822 - Local News
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 Saturday 19 Oct 1822   (p. 2, col. 5-6 and p. 3, col. 4)
It will be seen by our marine news, that the late stormy weather has proved disastrous to the shipping on both coasts of the northern part of the Kingdom. There are a great many losses which we have no room to specify: they are not, however, of a local nature.
We omitted to state in our last, that the light company of the 66th regt. has taken up its quarters in our Castle, under the orders of Major NICHOLLS, in place of the detachment of the same regiment, commanded by Col. GOLDIE, which has been removed.
The plan for the improvement of Whitehaven harbour, proposed by Messrs. WHIDBY and RENNIE, was adopted by a majority of six Trustees.
On the night of Friday se'nnight, the shop of Mr. BARNETT, of Aspatria, was broken into and robbed of a quantity of woollen cloths and other articles.
A Bethel Union Meeting was holden at Workington last week; a great many sailors attended.
The Duke and Duchess of Athol and suite have arrived in the Isle of Man. Their Graces were received with military honours.
Egremont was visited by a tremendous storm on Monday; one of the large ash-trees, growing near the bridge, was torn up by the roots.
Three apples, grown this year by Mr. TWENTYMAN, of Woodhouses, when plucked from the tree, were of the following dimensions and weight:—Of the kind called Tankard, 12½ inches by 11¼ inches, 11½ ounces; Golden Russet, 11½ by 11 inches, 10¼ oz.; Smith, 11 inches, 8½ ounces.
On Monday night last, as Mr. WINDER, ironfounder, of Gate Beck, was returning home in a cart, laden with eight hundred weight of iron, he was overtaken by a party of young persons in a state of inebriation, who had been celebrating the marriage of a friend; in consequence of their repeated cheering, his horse took fright and set off at full speed, and for a considerable time after was very unruly: at Barrow's Green they again came up with him, and the horse set off as before, when Mr. W. was thrown from his seat; the wheel passed over his head, one of his eyes was forced from its socket, his nose broken, and his skull severely fractured; his neck was also lacerated; but the latest intelligence from his medical attendant is favourable.—Kendal paper.
A man, named John TELFORD, charged with stealing a horse, from Wm. CARRICK, of High Town, near Haltwhistle, has been committed to Morpeth gaol, for trial at the next Northumberland assizes.
Mr. LAMBTON has bought Newbottle colliery, late the property of NESHAM & Co., for £70,000; £50,000 to be paid immediately, and the remainder in twelve months.
Mr. Alderman THOMSON, one of the new Sheriffs for London and Middlesex, is the son of Mr. THOMPSON, of Grayrigg, near Kendal.
The eldest son of the late Dean of York has been appointed Commissary of Richmond, by the Bishop of Chester.
A great number of forgeries of the Ship Bank, Glasgow, have been discovered in Dumfries. Sir W. FORBES & Co. of Edinburgh, offer a reward of two hundred guineas for the discovery of persons who have uttered a counterfeit one pound note purporting to belong to that establishment.
Mr. A. BURTON has been ordained Minister of the parish of Castleton, presbytery of Langholm.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives