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Saturday 12 Oct 1822 - BMD
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 Saturday 12 Oct 1822   (p. 3, col. 4)

In London, on the 30th September, the Lady of W. R. K. DOUGLAS, Esq. M. P. of a Son.

At St. Cuthbert's, in this city, Mr. Joseph VARTY, to Miss Mary BELL.—Mr. John THOMPSON, to Miss Mary HARRINGTON.—Mr. George ROOK, to Miss Jane MAXWELL.
On Saturday last, at Kirklinton, by the Rev. Mr. PATTINSON, Mr. Wm. BROWN, of Skitbrightby, to Miss Margaret TINLING, of the Lake, Kirklinton.
Lately, at Gretna-Green, Jesse AINSWORTH, Esq. son of Jesse AINSWORTH, Esq. of Wickenhall, Yorkshire, to Hannah, the youngest daughter of Mr. Robert LEES, and neice of Colonel LEES, of Oldham. The lady was on the same day, made a ward in Chancery; and it is likely to become a question of some importance to the parties, whether the Scotch noose-maker or the English lawyers obtained the priority in point of time.
At Manfield, Yorkshire, Mr. Robt. HARDEN, of Carlbury, Barnardcastle and Penrith carrier, to Miss Eliz. BROWN, daughter of Mr. John BROWN, of the former place.
At Egremont, Mr. John BANKS, of Hensingham, to Miss Ann TYSON, of Egremont.
Mr. Joseph BROCKBANK, of Old Hutton, to Miss Grace ROBINSON, of Kirkland, Kendal.
At Bishopwearmouth, by the Rev. Dr. GRAY, Lieut. Col. BROWNE, 23d regt. K. C. H., to Louisa Anne, second daughter of the Rev. Dr. GRAY, Prebendary of Durham.
Tuesday, by special license, at St. James's church, London, Lord Viscount Mandeville, eldest son of the Duke of Manchester, to Miss SPARROW, daughter of the Right Hon. Lady Olivia SPARROW, and niece to the Earl of Gosford.
On the 1st inst. at Wm. MONIES's, Esq. Netherwood, by the Rev. C. M. BABINGTON, A. M., Lieut. Augustus Spry FAULKNOR, 77th regt., youngest son of the late Rear-Admiral FAULKNOR, to Mary Ann, widow of the late Wm. MUNRO, Esq. Royal Regt. of Artillery.

On Saturday evening, the 6th inst. in this city, Mrs. Juliana NICHOLSON, relict of the late Mr. Wm. NICHOLSON, silversmith, aged 61 years.
In this city, since our last, Mr. William BROWN, advanced in years.—Robert MYERS, aged 58, the well-known master chimney-sweeper.
At Eamont Bridge, on Friday the 4th instant, Mr. Thomas BUSHBY, innkeeper, aged 45.
On the 3d inst. at Whitehaven, at an advanced age, Miss HUDDLESTON, sister of the late John HUDDLESTON, Esq. of Hutton-John, near Penrith.
At sea, Captain BRAITHWAITE, of the Zephyr, of Whitehaven.
On the 4th inst., at Middleton Place, near Bootle, Sarah, the wife of Mr. Henry PARK.
At Rainors, in Gosforth, Mrs. HUDLESTON, wife of Mr. John HUDLESTON, of that place, land surveyor.
At Keswick, Mr. Ralph STUBBS, aged 84 years, keeper of the Circulating Library, and Father to Mr. James STUBBS, portrait and landscape painter.
At Rosebank, on the 2d inst., William HALLIDAY, Esq. in his 66th year.
At Miltons, parish of Kirkpatrick-Juxta, Mr. Wm. GIBSON, aged 79 years.
At Greengate-house, parish of Middlebie, Miss Isabella LITTLE, in the prime of life.
On Sunday evening week, aged 58, the Very Rev. George MARKHAM, D. D. Dean of York, and Rector of Stokesley, in that county. This event took place at Scone, the seat of the Earl of Mansfield; the Dean died in the arms of his sister, the Countess of Mansfield. He was the third son of the late Most Rev. Dr. Wm. MARKHAM, Archbishop of York, who died in 1807, and was appointed to the Deanery of York in April, 1802, on the death of Dean FOUNTAYNE. The Dean obtained his high situation, in consequence of a personal promise made to his father, the late Archbishop, by King George the Third, who was the Dean's godfather. During nearly the whole period of his holding the office of Dean, Dr. MARKHAM laboured under attacks of gout in the most acute form; and endured them with exemplary fortitude and energy.—The valuable rectory of Stokesley, void by the Dean's death, is in the gift of the Archbishop.
At Florence, aged 14, the second son of Viscount Dillon: his death was occasioned by falling into a reservoir in the garden.
On the 25th ult. aged 60, Charles EVANS, better known by the name of Carolus, the hermit of Tong, in Shropshire, where, in a lonely and romantic cell, on the domain of George DURANT, Esq. he, for the space of seven years, by his manner and conversation, becomingly sustained the character he had chosen.
Oct. 2, at Loders, in Dorsetshire, aged 71, the Rt. Hon. Sir Evan NEPEAN, Bart. High Sheriff for the County.
At Glenalbert, on the estate of Dalguise, Perthshire, in her hundredth year, Mrs. Margaret STEUART, widow of the late James STEUART, Esq. of Tulloch, near Blair. Her husband was a captain in one of the Athol regiments, under Lord Geo. MURRAY, and carried the royal standard of Prince Charles Edward at the battle of Culloden, in 1746.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives