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Saturday 05 Oct 1822 - Local News
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 Saturday 05 Oct 1822   (p. 3, col. 2-3 and 6)
At a meeting of the Carlisle Gas-Company on Tuesday last, at the Town-Hall, a dividend of 5 per cent., on old and new shares, was ordered to be paid on the 15th inst.
Mr. John HUDSON, Midshipman, R. N. (son of the Rev. J. HUDSON, of Stanwix), is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and appointed to the Bann.
Are not our races held a week too soon? Why not give time for some of the beaten horses to arrive from Doncaster? It is not the case, we understand, at present. Every body exclaims against the folly of giving away so much money for so little sport as the late meeting produced.
The two troops of the 3rd Dragoon-Guards quartered in this City, march for Newcastle on Monday morning, in order to join the regiment, previous to its being reviewed by Lord Somerset. They will immediately return to Carlisle.
The present state of the atmosphere is particularly favourable to the existence of fever. A medical man informs us, that, besides many cases of typhus, scarlet fever is on the increase; and, he adds, unless many of the lanes and alleys in the city and its outskirts are purified (they are at present in a most loathsome state), infection may be expected to spread with alarming rapidity.
The re-construction of Botcherby-Bridge goes on with great spirit; it will be passable in a short time.
Carlisle has been partially supplied with herrings during the week, from the neighbouring coast: they were very small.
Several of the Cumberland and Westmorland hills have already exhibited a covering of snow. The gossips prognosticate a hard winter—principally, we believe, because hips and haws are unusually plentiful.
On Monday, we saw a pear of the kind called by the French, Good Christian, grown in Scotland, which weighed 1¾ lbs.
A few days ago, Mr. Richd. BARNES, of the Close, Abbey-Holm, fired at a partridge which rose almost perpendicularly before him, and shot it through the eye: stunned by the blow, the bird turned round, flew towards him, he caught it in his hand, and thus bagged it without its falling to the ground.
Mr. WHIDBY, the ingenious director of the Plymouth Breakwater Works, arrived at Whitehaven on Saturday, and Mr. RENNIE, was expected to reach that place on Thursday, with the design of concerting various improvements in Whitehaven harbour. The Earl of Lonsdale has also proceeded to Whitehaven for the promotion of the same object.
Brough-Hill Fair was held on Monday and Tuesday last. The weather was very favourable, which occasioned the attendance of great numbers of well-dressed people of both sexes. There was a good and numerous show of both cattle and horses: the former met with a pretty brisk sale, but prices moderate. Good horses sold well: one pair of good carriage horses produced £120. A gentleman in the neighbourhood of Kirkby-Stephen had £130 bid for a pair the day before the fair, which he refused; but on the Hill he could not get more than £90. Dark bay and dark grey were the favourite colours of these kind of horses: there was comparatively a small number of bad ones. Sheep went low. There were fewer depredations committed by the light-fingered tribe than we ever heard of on such an occasion. One man was committed to Appleby house of correction on the first day, charged with an attempt to steal a young man's watch: he was discharged on his examination the following day, there not being sufficient evidence for fully committing him.
The rebuilding of the bridge at Hoff, near Appleby, is now finished: it appears to be well-constructed, and is a little wider in the span than the old one. The abutments and a centre pillar for the wooden bridge over the Eden at Watson's Holm, have been re-erected. As it will take timber of a considerable length, it is uncertain when the wood-work will be finished.
A fine specimen of that rare bird on the British coasts, the Larus Crepidatus, or black-toed gull, was taken near St. Bees' Head, a few days since.
A widow woman, named WILSON, at the advanced age of 78 years, travelled from a village in Westmorland, on a visit to her son, who is landlord of the King's Head public-house, in Mansfield. The distance is 180 miles, which she performed on foot in five days, making an average of 36 miles per day; an instance of strength rarely to be met with in a person so far advanced in years.
At the last Lancaster Assizes, in the case of WATKINSON v. CROCKETT and SALKELD, it was adjudged that in case of a consignee proving insolvent, goods forwarded to him by consignee may be stopped in transitu, and that upon such order, carriers are bound to return them to their original owner or owners.
Mr. Alderman Robt. BELL was on Monday last chosen Mayor of Newcastle.

[to be continued]

Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives


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On Monday last, William HODGSON, Esq. of Houghton-House, was elected Mayor of Carlisle for the ensuing year, vice John HODGSON, Esq. At the same time, Mr. James MOOR, was elected chamberlain; Mr. Robert LAMB, sword-bearer; Mr. John SKELTON, mace-bearer; Mr. Robt. NICHOL and Mr. James SAWER, bailiffs; Mr. Edw. CARTNER, and Mr. J. C. THOMPSON, coroners.
The Earl of Lonsdale arrived here early in the morning from Lowther-Castle, and breakfasted at the Bush with the Corporate Body, and various other gentlemen, invited to meet his Lordship.
Soon after four o'clock, a very large party sat down to dinner at the house of the Mayor-elect, in Fisher-street. Among the company, besides the principal gentlemen of Carlisle and immediate neighbourhood, were the Earl of Lonsdale, Sir James GRAHAM, Bart. M. P., Sir Philip MUSGRAVE, Bart. M. P., Sir James GRAHAM, Bart. of Netherby, the Dean of Carlisle, Gen. PEACHY, Col. Sir Hugh ROSS, Rowland STEPHENSON, Esq., Sir Jos. SENHOUSE, Sir Jos. D. A. GILPIN, the Rev. Fergus GRAHAM, Humphrey SENHOUSE, Esq. of Nether-Hall, &c. The Mayor presided at the first table, and the late Mayor took the vice-chair. Dr. BLAMIRE was chairman of the second table, and Wm. NANSON, Esq. of the third. Upwards of eighty sat down: the dinner was excellent, and the wines did honour to the hospitable entertainer.
[Toasts and speeches not transcribed.]
The hour of eight having now arrived, the Earl of Lonsdale retired amidst the plaudits of the company, and his Lordship was followed by Sir James GRAHAM, M. P., Sir Philip MUSGRAVE, Sir James GRAHAM of Netherby, General PEACHEY, &c. The Mayor kept the chair till nine, when the party broke up, after drinking the health of Mrs. HODGSON and her Family.
Few entertainments have afforded more gratification to the guests. Mr. ALEXANDER, manager of the Theatre, and several other gentlemen, promoted the hilarity of the company by a variety of excellent songs.

DUMFRIES, Sept. 25.—The Justiciary Circuit Court was opened here this day by the Lord Justice CLERK.—John CAMPBELL, charged with rape, was out-lawed for non-appearance.—A labourer of Dalry, named M'DONALD, accused of theft, was discharged for want of proof.—Henry CAVAN, an Irishman, was found guilty of picking the pocket of Mr. HENDERSON, farmer in Terregles, at Dumfries fair, in July last, and sentenced to seven years' transportation.—John CARPENTER, also an Irishman, was indicted for rioting at Keltonhill fair, in company with several of his countrymen not apprehended. After an investigation of some length, the jury found a verdict of not proven, as to the identity of the prisoner, and he was enlarged with a suitable admonition from the Judge.
Monday last came on the election of the Magistrates of Dumfries, when the following gentlemen were unanimously re-chosen for the ensuing year, viz. John KERR, Esq. Provost; Messrs. John M'CRACKEN, James SPALDING, and James CREIGHTON, Bailies; John BARKER, Esq. Dean of Guild; and Mr. Christopher ARMSTRONG, Treasurer.
On Monday afternoon, the dwelling-house of James CUTHBERTSON, in Upper Brydekirk, near Annan, the property of General DIROM, was accidentally burnt, along with the greater part of the furniture.
The Sarah and Marianne, of Maryport, CHRISTIAN, has put into Rotonsa [sic – Colonsay according to the Cumberland Pacquet], dismasted, having experienced very bad weather on the 11th ult.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives