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Saturday 05 Oct 1822 - Game Lists
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* March 07, 2023, 12:01:26 PM
 Saturday 05 Oct 1822   (p. 2, col. 6)

COUNTY OF  CUMBERLAND.—Persons who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the Year 1822.
LIST (1). GENERAL CERTIFICATES, at £3 13s. 6d. each.

ATKINSON, Joseph, Penrith.—BELL, George, Esq., Woodhouselees; BELL, James, Esq., Woodhouselees; BLAMIRE, William, Dalston; BENSON, Thomas, Esq., Wreay Hall; BUCHANAN, John, Penrith; BLEAYMIRE, T. D., Penrith; BUSHBY, W. A., Greystoke; BUSHBY, F., Greystoke; BAXTER, John, Upper Hesket.—CALLANDER, Major Alexander James, Longtown; CARRICK, Edward, Wigton.—DONALD, William, Longnewton; DIXON, George, Calthwaite; DIXON, Thos., Nordvue; DUFTON, William, Gamblesby.—FALCON, Michael, Workington.—GLAISTER, William, Dundraw; GRAHAM, T. H., Esq., Edmond Castle.—HALTON, Thomas, Carlisle; HODGSON, William, Esq., Houghton House; HASTON, James, Brampton; HOLMES, John, Little Salkeld; HARRIS, Joseph, Plumbland.—JOHNSTON, Thomas, Wreay; JACKSON, Robert, Lowca.—MESSENGER, Robert, Kelsick; MAYSON, Mark, Coledale.—PATTINSON, Daniel, Carlisle; PEARSON, John, Wiggonby; PARKER, John, Bow; PRESTON, Anthony, Penrith; PARKIN, Charles, Skirsgill; PEEL, John, Caldbeck Low; ROPER, John, Holme Abbey.—RICHARDSON, John, Broomhills; RICHARDSON, Thomas, Brampton; ROBINSON, The Rev. J., Penrith.—SMITH, Thomas, Cockermouth; STUDDART, David, Great Clifton.—TROUTBECK, George, Great Blencow; TROUTBECK, J. E., Great Blencow; TOPPING, John, Skelton; TAYLOR, John, Watermelock; THOMPSON, Isaac, Newton; TYSON, Thomas, Eskdale and Wasdale.—WRIGHT, John, Howhill; WILKINSON, Richard, Cumwhitton.—YOUNG, John, Greensyke.
LIST (2). Gamekeepers, not being Assessed Servants, at £3 13s. 6d. each.

CLARKE, Patrick, appointed by Thomas PARKER, Esq., for the Manor of Warwick.—DONALD, David, by John SOWERBY, Esq., for Little Dalston.—LAIDLER, Thomas, by the Earl of Egremont, for Croglin.
Made up from the 2nd of September, to the 1st of October, 1822.
By Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes,
                                                                                  BENJAMIN SAYER, for the Secretary.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives