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New Member saying Hi.
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* February 24, 2023, 04:34:42 PM
Hi,  My name is Ian Paterson and I would like to introduce myself.
I have be doing family research since the early 1990's.  I have mainly concentrated on the Paterson side of things with the odd delve into other names.  I have basically exhausted my line, and as I have recently retired it is time to carry out the impossible!!
My cousin bless her cotton socks gave me my maternal grandmothers photograph album about 10 years ago, its old and worn with 65 photographs in it.  I recognise two individuals which leaves around 63 to go, hence joining the Society.

My grandmother was Elizabeth Little (1880-1967) and was born in Henry Street, Langholm, and she married David Paterson (1879-1917) in 1901.
Looking into her lines she had five sisters and two brothers.

Now the crux is quite a few of the photographs are from Carlisle, and some from Tyneside.  I am hoping that some one is researching the Little's and can link there research to my photo's  A long shot I know.

Quite happy to share my information also,  I have an Ancestry tree as well.

Cheers,  Ian P


February 26, 2023, 12:35:12 PM
Ian, welcome to the Forum and good luck with your search. I have no connection with any Patterson's as far as I know. There are not that many visitors to the Forum these days as Facebook has taken over in many ways, if you have not already done so you could post there, there is a link to Facebook at the top left of the main website page, you could even post the odd picture or two there. You could also as a member post your interests in the newsletter and maybe check with the editor to see if she could publish any of your pictures or your story as that may yield some results. Other than that photographs can be difficult to identify, I have the same problem. If you are on Ancestry have you done DNA, that threw up a few unknown cousins for me and established a few links I would otherwise have had difficulty finding.

John Steel
Webmaster for CFHS

* February 26, 2023, 01:17:35 PM
John,  Thanks for the welcome and the ideas to carry the quest forward.  Cheers  :)