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Saturday 28 Dec 1816 - BMD
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 Saturday 28 Dec 1816   (p. 3, col. 4-5)

At Dumfries, on Saturday last, the lady of the Rev. Samuel M'KNIGHT, of a son.
In the workhouse, Stoke-upon-Trent. Staffordshire, Hannah BURNE, a dwarf, 26 inches in height was, after a tedious labour, safely delivered of a female child, 21½ inches in height, being only 4½ inches shorter than the mother! The child was perfectly formed, but still-born.
At St. Shotts, Newfoundland, the wife of a Serjeant of the Veteran Battalion was delivered of a child on the top of the rocks, shortly after she was saved from the wreck of the Harpooner transport, the loss of which we mentioned in our last!

At St. Cuthbert's, on the 25th inst. John DOUGLAS, to Jane MIDDLETON.
At St. Mary's, on the 25th inst. Thomas SHIELD, to Eleanor PAISLEY.—Same day and place, Thomas RAINE, of the parish of St. Cuthbert, to Jane RIDLEY, of St. Mary's parish.
On the 24th inst. at Crosthwaite Church, by the Rev. Mr. DENTON, Mr. John THWAITE, cabinet-maker, of Keswick, to Miss Ellen WOODHALL, of Greta Bank.—On the 25th inst. at the same place, Mr. John ROBINSON, wright and joiner, of Withburn, to Miss Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, of Legberthwaite Mill.
Lately, at Gilcrux, Mr. J. KIRKHAUGH, of Aspatria, to Mary, the only daughter of Mr. John PINGNEY, of Grange.—At the same place, Mr. Thos. DRUMMOND, joiner, of Dearham, to Miss Mary ARMSTRONG, of Gretna Green.
At Workington, Mr. James LOWES, mariner, to Miss Rebecca GILLIES.
Last week, —— PARKER, Esq. of Cuerdon Hall, Lancashire, to Miss BROOKE, niece of Sir Rich. BROOKE, of Norton Priory, in the county of Chester, Bart.
At Ringwood, Mr. Thomas BROMFIELD, aged 70, to Mrs. MOOREN, aged 40. So decrepid and helpless was the old man, that it was with the greatest difficulty he  could be taken from the chaise, which brought him to the church; and when in the church he was obliged to be drawn to the altar in a little cart. The novelty of such a scene drew an immense concourse of spectators, who welcomed the safe arrival of the blooming couple to Hymen's bower, with shouts of applause.
A short time ago, at Bath, Mr. W. NORKETT, to Miss PRICE, daughter of the late Mr. PRICE, a successful builder of that city; and on the Wednesday following, at their lodgings in the Grove, Mr. NORKETT was seized with a fit of apoplexy, which was scarcely observed by his alarmed bride, before the vital spark was extinct!

On the 19th inst. in this city, John GASH, stonemason, aged 42.—On the 20th inst. Philip PHILLIPS, of Caldewgate, aged 54.—On the 21st inst. in Castle-street, Sarah, the wife of Thomas CALDWELL, clerk of the parish church of St. Mary, aged 59.—On the 21st inst. Mr. Robert PEARSON, currier, Rickergate, aged 70.—On the 23rd inst. Mrs. Jane APPLEBY, of Rickergate, aged 66.—On the 25th inst. in Scotch-street, Mr. James BLACK, stay-maker, aged 48.
At Rockliff, on Sunday last, Jane [     ]LTON, aged 85.—Same place, on Tuesday last, James STEEL, aged 78.
At Penrith, on the 21st inst. Charlotte, the wife of John FALLOWFIELD, aged 40.—Same place, on the 22nd inst. John LONGRIGG, aged 39.
At Blencow, near Penrith, on the 22nd inst. universally regretted, aged 48, Mrs. STEPHENSON, wife of the Rev. John STEPHENSON, master of Blencow School.
At Maryport, on the 23rd instant, Mrs. Catherine USHER, in the 22nd year of her age.
At Kirkby Stephen, much regretted, Lieutenant JACKSON, of the Royal Navy, aged 35.
At Kirkby Lonsdale, Maria, the wife of Mr. George GREGG, and daughter of the late Rev. Thos. HERVEY, of Underbarrow, aged 38.
Suddenly, last week, in Sandhills Lane, Whitehaven, Mr. Thomas LITTLEDALE, tide-waiter at that port, in the 43rd year of his age.
The 4th of October last, at Montego Bay, Jamaica, (at which place he had been resident nearly fifteen years) Thomas, the third son of Mr. John LITT, of Galemire, near Whitehaven, aged 33.
At Langhorn, near Egremont, Esther, the wife of Mr. John BANKS, aged 56.
Thursday se'nnight, at Workington, Mrs. Sarah THOMPSON, aged 90 years.—Friday se'nnight, same place, Ann, the wife of Mr. Thomas RAMSAY, aged 28 years.—At Little Clifton, Mrs. Sarah ROBINSON, widow, aged 84.
At Jamaica, in October last, Captain LANGCAKE, of the brig Isabel, of Workington.
At Gateside of Newabbey, on Sunday last, Mrs. Agnes M'CARTNEY, much and justly regretted.
At Dumfries, on the 18th instant, Agnes, the wife of Mr. James HARRIS, whitesmith.—On Monday, after a long and severe illness, which he bore with exemplary Christian patience and resignation, Mr. Wm. JONES.
At Maxwelltown, on Saturday last, Mrs. WEST, wife Mr. James WEST.
Lately, at Ollerton, Cheshire, in his 78th year, John WOOD, a bachelor. His niggardly disposition did not permit him to enjoy the bounties of nature, which providence had placed within his reach, and he latterly denied himself the common necessaries of life that he might add another guinea to the heap. Two days prior to his decease a neighbour called to visit him, and was surprised to see him eating a raw potatoe. "John," said he, "why do you eat your potatoes raw? I think they cannot prove very palatable to a person of your years." "Oh man," quoth John, "this is as sweet as an apple!" After his death, his nephew and heir, found three hundred guineas concealed in an old oven, the door of which was made up with loose bricks, and had been newly plastered over; the newness of the plastering led to the happy discovery.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives