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Slack families at Wetheral, Armathwaite and Ainstable 1700-1860
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* September 01, 2022, 10:47:57 PM
I am researching my family tree with John Slack and wife Deborah. Deborah’s will was proved 1776. John and Deborah had John, Thomas, Robert, Joseph, Jane  wife of George Dixon, Deborah wife of Thomas Gibson, Ann wife of John Grundall. Deborah Slack ‘s sister is named as Mary Dobson in the will but I am unsure if that is her married name or her maiden name. I have not had success in finding a marriage for John Slack and Deborah. I also do not know the maiden name of Deborah or her parents.
The family lived at Low House in the parish of Wetheral.  There are many John Slack’s but very few Deborah Slack’s. The family use Deborah in their naming pattern….mother and daughter. I trust someone can assist me as I need to solve the Deborah??? who married John Slack.


* September 02, 2022, 01:02:00 PM
Hi Debbie,

FamilySearch has a marriage on 21 Apr 1720 at Croglin of John SLACK to Deborak MULCASTER. There are four children of John & Deborah SLACK recorded on FamilySearch as baptised at Huddlesceugh/Parkhead Meeting House: Sarah 17 Jan 1722, Anne 26 Mar 1724, Jane 03 Oct 1725 and Robert 24 Apr 1735.

You can look up those baptisms in the Huddlesceugh Register on Ancestry as they may give a clue as to where the family lived at the time. Worth looking up the marriage while you are at Carlisle RO.

I also managed to find a marriage of a Mary MUNCASTER (presumably a variant of MULCASTER) to a Ralph DOBSON on 10 Jan 1733 at Kirkby Thore, WES.

There was a baptism on 29 Nov 1696 at Croglin of a Deborah MULCASTER, daughter of Thomas [edited due to previous typo]. There was also a baptism on 07 Feb 1708 at Huddlesceugh of a Mary MULCASTER, but no parents named on FamilySearch.

MUNCASTER/MULCASTER is a rare name, so that should help, if this is indeed the right family.
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