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Saturday 30 Dec 1815 - BMD
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 Saturday 30 Dec 1815   (p. 3, col. 3)

On Monday last, in this city, Mr. John SAUNDERS, Denton-hill, to Miss Mary COWEN, of Caldcoats.
On Tuesday last, at Penrith, Mr. Edward STEPHENSON, to Miss WATSON; both of that place.
Tuesday se'nnight, at Harrington, Mr. Adam PEILE, of Corkickle, near Whitehaven, to Miss KEY, daughter of Mr. John KEY, of the former place.
On Saturday last, Mr. James WOODBURN, to Miss Agnes MERCER, both of Kendal.
Monday last, Mr. Hugh BOYD, to Miss Agnes DOCKER; both of Kendal.
Same day, Mr. William MILLER, of Preston, to Miss Elizabeth FRITH, of Kendal.

Sunday last, in this city, aged 29, Francis [sic], wife of Mr. Thomas SCARROW, jun. spirit-dealer.
On Monday evening, aged 70, William MITCHELL, of this city, formerly for many years a tailor and slop-dealer here; much respected. Mr. MITCHELL's dissolution was occasioned by a fall down stairs, whereby his skull was so much injured that he survived but a few hours.
On Saturday last, very suddenly, through one of those mysterious visitations of Providence which have occasionally befallen the most pious, Mr. Matthew HIND, aged 23, son of Mr. John HIND, shoemaker in this city. However afflictive to his relatives and friends the circumstances connected with his death,—their reflection upon the manner of his life must doubtless tend to abate their grief. The deceased, who was in the confidential employ of an extensive manufacturer in Carlisle, was remarkable for his sobriety, steadiness, and attention; and, in the more varied walks of life, he was conspicuous for his moral and religious virtues, so as to render him equally beloved and esteemed.—Should the occurrence we have noticed give occasion to the infidel to point a jest or make the supercilious sneer, the humble Christian, sensible of the "infirmities flesh is heir to," will wonder whilst he adores.
Last week, in this city, Mrs. Grace CALDWELL, aged 76.
Yesterday week, at Powbank, in the parish of Dalston, aged 60, Mr. John STRONG.—By his dissolution society has lost a most valuable member. The eminent qualities of his heart were truly evinced by his sympathetic feeling for the unfortunate, for whom he sacrificed much of his time and influence—removing their embarrassments; and as a man of peace, he was highly influential in reconciling the animosities and controversies of his neighbours; amongst whom he lived generally beloved, and died generally lamented.
Yesterday week, Mr. John NIXON, of the Angel inn, Penrith, aged 65 years.
Monday last, in Penrith, aged 81, Mrs. Jane BOAK.
Lately, at Derwent-Bridge, near Cockermouth, Mrs. SENHOUSE, aged 54; wife of Major SENHOUSE.
Wednesday se'nnight, in Whitehaven, Mr. Henry WATSON, pawnbroker.
Thursday se'nnight, at same place, Mr. Michael SANDERSON, blacksmith, advanced in years.
Tuesday week, in Whitehaven, aged 93, Mrs. WATTS, relict of the late Mr. John WATTS, formerly an eminent draper in that place.
Yesterday week, Mr. PONSONBY, tailor, Whitehaven.
Monday se'nnight, in Kendal, Mr. John BIRKETT, painter, aged 50.
Monday last, at same place, Mr. Rich. ROOK, aged 84.
Same day, aged 52, Mr. Francis COUPLAND, of Kirkland.
Same day, Mary, wife of Mr. Joseph LONGMIRE, of Kendal, aged 26.
Sunday last, in Newcastle, aged 22, W. RAWLINSON, Esq. of Graithwaite Hall, Lancashire.
At Dumfries, James RAE, Esq. banker; much and deservedly esteemed.
Yesterday week, in Dumfries, Mr. W. HAMILTON, late Deacon of the incorporation of shoemakers.
Saturday, at same place, Miss DEAN [?], advanced in life.
The 16th inst. at Ardoch, parish of Durisdeer, Dumfries-shire, aged 60, Mr. James CORSAN, farmer, whose ancestors have rented lands under the QUEENSBERRY family in the Barony of Drumlanrig, much later [sic – should be earlier] than is noticed in the Baronial books.
Sunday week, the Rev. Thomas ZOUCH, D. D. prebendary of Durham, and rector of Scrayingham, Yorkshire.
The 20th ult. aged 81, Sir James DUFF, Bart. his Majesty's Consul at Cadiz.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives