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Saturday 16 Dec 1815 - BMD
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 Saturday 16 Dec 1815   (p. 3, col. 3-4)

On Thursday last, in this city, John Milbourn DIXON, Esq. of Denton-Holme, to Miss Charlotte RANDLES.
On the 2d inst. at Brampton, Mr. ROWENTREE, of Park Nook, to Miss BELL, Beckgate.
Same day and place, Mr. John RUDDOCK, Talking, to Miss E. BROWN, Denton mill.
At Penrith, on Monday last, Mr. Wm. SARGISON, of Dalston, to Miss Elizabeth SIMPSON, of Penrith.
At Crosscannonby, a few days ago (by the Rev. Mr. DONALD), Mr. John DONALDSON, shoemaker, to Mrs. Mary LANCASTER, widow; both of Maryport.
Same place, on Monday last, Mr. William MAXWELL, ship-wright, to Miss Hannah HARRISON; both of Maryport.
The 4th inst. at Ponsonby, Mr. John CHAMBERS, of Brisco-mill, near Egremont, to Miss Jane GUNSON, daughter of Mr. J. GUNSON, innkeeper, Calderbridge.
On Saturday last, Mr. Thomas WALKER, to Miss Sarah ROBINSON; both of Kendal.
Same day, Mr. Robt. RAWES, to Miss Elizabeth THOMPSON; both of Kendal.
On Tuesday last, Mr. John SCOTT, Cummertrees, to Miss M. WEILD, of Stapleton.
At Gatehouse, on Monday, Mr. James HUNTER, baker there, to Miss Margaret MACTIER, daughter of Mr. Peter MACTIER, of the same place.
On the 5th inst. at Ingliston, parish of Newabbey, Captain Benjamin ANDERSON, of the brig Speculation, of Plymouth, to Miss ANDREWS, eldest daughter of the late James ANDREWS, Esq.
Same day, at Bogside, near Dumfries, Mr. Edward LINDSAY, cabinet-maker, to Miss Ann SMITH, of Dumfries.
At Dumfries, on Monday, Mr. EDGER, joiner, Gretabrae, to Miss Mary M'QUHAE.
At Maxwelltown, on the 7th inst. George Johnstone YOUNG, Esq. of the Dumfries and Galloway iron-foundry, to Miss WIGHT, of Edinburgh.

On Monday last, Mrs. Catharine WILSON, relict of the late Mr. Alexander WILSON, of this city, aged 64a woman universally respected.
On Wednesday last, at Caldcoats, near Carlisle, Mr. R. TAYLOR, aged 63.
Same day, at Dalston toll-bar, Catharine FARRIER, aged 86, who had been chargeable to the parish for 37 years.
On Sunday the 10th inst. at Great Corby, near Carlisle, in her 27th year, Jane, daughter of Mr. Robert MODLING, after a most painful disorder of many years continuance, which she bore not only without murmuring, but with the most unrivalled and chearful patience.
Suddenly, at Stephenson's-square, in the parish of Kirklinton, on Sunday, the 26th Nov. aged 83, Mrs. Mary WATSON, one of the Society of Friends.
On the 4th inst. Mr. John NOBLE, innkeeper, in Brampton, aged 48.
On Wednesday last, at Penrith, the infant son of the Rev. Thomas BEWSHER.
Same place, on Saturday last, Mr. Joseph YOUNG, aged 39.

[to be continued]

Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives


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On the 11th inst. Miss Nancy ARMSTRONG, Harehill, in the parish of Lanercost, aged 75.
Yesterday week, at Allonby, Mr. T. BOUCH, aged 82.
At Maryport, a few days ago, Mr. William CREES, mariner, aged 35.
Same place, Mrs. Mary WYNNE, wife of Mr. Jonathan WYNNE, aged 60.
Same place, Mrs. Dinah COLLIN, innkeeper, aged 63.
Same place, Mr. Jonathan RITSON, father of Mr. RITSON, brewer, aged 75.
Same place, Mrs. Sarah STRAUGHTON, widow, aged 70.
Same place, Mrs. Sarah WILSON, widow, aged 76.
Wednesday se'nnight, at Mill Hill, near Whitehaven, aged 68, Mr. Joseph PEELE, formerly master of a vessel out of Whitehaven.
At Waterford, a few days ago, Capt. WILSON, of the Boyton, of Whitehaven.
At Bartiestown, in the parish of Stapleton, on Wednesday, the 20th Nov. aged 82, Mr. Thomas KINDRED, one of the Society of Friends; much and deservedly lamented.
On Tuesday se'nnight, Mary ARMSTRONG, of Kirkland, near Kendal, after a long and severe illness, aged 24.
At Dumfries, on the 30th ult. aged 50, Miss G. JOHNSTONE, of Crauthwaite.
At Dumfries, on the 13th inst. Mrs. M'VITIE, wife of Mr. W. WALLACE, sen. writer; much regretted.
At Dalswinton House, Dumfries-shire, on Saturday the 9th inst. Patrick MILLER, Esq. of Dalswinton, in his 86th year; a gentleman of an enterprising and powerful mind, and whose generosity of heart, and warm benevolence, rendered him the friend of the afflicted, and "a father to the poor."
At Dumfries, on same day, Mr. Robert KEMP, cabinet-maker.
Same place, yesterday week, Miss Margaret PRIMROSE, daughter of Mr. Samuel PRIMROSE, shoemaker.
Lately, at Islington, J. BROWN, M. D. aged 72; a native of this county, and eminent both in his profession and in the different sciences.
The 25th ult. aged 50, Gen. T. S. STANWIX, colonel of the 85th regt.
On Sunday last, the Bishop of Oxford.
Lately, the Rev. Dr. HAMILTON, Dean of Cloyne, Rector of Mullabrack, and Astronomer at Armagh.
A correspondent remarks, that the parish register of Dalston never exhibited such a catalogue of mortality, within an equal space, as from the 26th ult. to the 6th inst. except when some epidemic disorder was raging:
          Nov. 26. John BECK, aged 95 years.
          28. Joseph PORTER, aged 5.
          29. Joseph PUGMIRE, aged 91.
          29. George NICHOLSON, aged 2 weeks.
          Dec.  1. Joseph RUMNEY, aged 8 years.
          4. John HENDERSON, aged 70.
          4. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, aged 57.
          5. Daniel FLEMING, aged 49.
          6. Mary BLAYLOCK, aged 38.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives