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Saturday 09 Dec 1815 - BMD
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 Saturday 09 Dec 1815   (p. 3, col. 3-4)

Thursday week, in this city, Mr. Thomas MURPHIN, private in the King's service, to Miss Hannah JOHNSTON, of Annetwell-street. The marriage excited the attention of the neighbourhood, from the circumstance of the bride being so lame as to be unable to move without assistance. She was therefore conveyed to church in a chair, attended by a posse of the mobocracy, who made the "welkin ring" with their vociferous epithalmia.
Monday last, in this city, Mr. Patrick HAINING, to Mrs. Margaret WATSON.
The 2d instant, at Penrith, Mr. Walter WILKINSON, to Miss Julia GASKIN; both of Penrith.
At Crosthwaite, on Wednesday week, W. NAISMITH, Esq. of Glasgow, merchant, to Mrs. GARDNER, of Keswick.
At Whitehaven, Mr. Timothy MORTON, drum-major in the Royal Cumberland militia, to Miss Betty GRISDALE.
On Saturday last, at Kendal, Mr. John WALKER, glass merchant, to Miss STORRS; both of Kendal.
Same place, on Monday last, Mr. Alexander M'KENZIE, to Miss PARKER, of Kendal.
Monday, at Maxwelltown, by Dumfries, Mr. James THOMSON, merchant, to Miss Jean MURPHIE.
At Kirkbean, Dumfries-shire, on Monday last, Mr. William DUFF, master of the brig Swallow, of Dumfries, to Miss Janet MILLIGAN, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Archibald MILLIGAN, in Gillfoot.
At Ingleton, of Newabbey, same day, Mr. Benjamin ANDERSON, master of the brig Speculation, of Plymouth, to Miss ANDREWS, daughter of the late Mr. James ANDREWS.
At Glencairn, on the 1st curt. Mr. Maxwell PALMER, shoemaker, to Miss Agnes PATERSON.

On Wednesday last, Mr. SOWERBY, Cumwhinton, in this country, at an advanced age.—His death was occasioned by one of his legs coming in contact with a cart while riding home from our market last Saturday, by which it was severely fractured in several places.
Same day, in Rickergate, Mrs. SARGENT, wife of Mr. Joseph SARGENT, of that place, aged 59; after a lingering illness.
Saturday last, at Dalston, Mr. J. HENDERSON, advanced in years.
At Cleughside, in this county, after a long and tedious illness, which she bore with patience and resignation, Mrs. Mary DODGSON, aged 40, wife of Mr. Thomas DODGSON; whose amiable disposition will cause her to be remembered by a numerous family, and an extensive circle of relatives and acquaintance.
On Monday last, aged 35, Mary, wife of Mr. Robert BLAYLOCK, of Cardewlees.
At Workington, on Monday last, Mr. John FISHER, joiner, advanced in years.
At same place, on Sunday last, Mrs. Margaret DICKINSON; her death was occasioned by her clothes catching the fire.
At same place, on Thursday, Mrs. RITSON, wife of Capt. RITSON, of the Mary Ann, of that port.
Lately, at Workington, aged 84, Mr. John NORMAN, slater.
On Monday last, in Scotch-street, Whitehaven, Mrs. BARWISE, widow.
At Kendal, on Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas TROUGHTON, weaver, aged 68.
Same day, Mr. John PEARSON, of Helsington, miller, aged 29.
Sunday last, in Newcastle, Miss RICHARDSON, school-mistress.
The 1st inst. at N. Shields, aged 55 years, the Rev. John GRUNDELL, one of the oldest preachers in the Methodist New Connexion.
The 1st inst. Mrs. Janet WYLIE, wife of Wm. CURRIE, Esq. late surveyor of taxes in Dumfries.
At Rosehall, Dumfries-shire, on the 30th ult. Mrs. Jean M'KENZIE, wife of Mr. James CROSBIE.
At Harwood, on the 24th ult. aged 29, Agnes, wife of Robert JARDINE, Esq. and daughter of the late Bailie John NIXON, of Hawick, Roxburghshire, sincerely and justly regretted by all her numerous friends and acquaintances.
Sunday last, Mr. BISH, of Cornhill, London, aged 64.
On Wednesday week, at Graisely Green, the residence of the Rev. G. W. KEMPSON, near Wolverhampton, in the 88th year of his age, Mr. Thos. Pendrill ROCK, of Brewood, surgeon.—The name of Pendrill was given to him as a descendant of the honest and high-minded Staffordshire miller of that name, so justly celebrated in the story of the flight of Charles II. from the battle of Worcester. The day of the fatal contest he was standing at the door of his mill, when proclamation was made of a thousand pounds reward to any one who should intercept the Royal Fugitive, at that moment concealed in his house. The miller heard and felt the temptation, but the duties of hospitality prevailed over every other consideration, and he was silent.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives