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Saturday 02 Dec 1815 - BMD
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 Saturday 02 Dec 1815   (p. 3, col. 3-4)

The 18th ult. at Casterton Hall, the wife of the Rev. W. CARUS WILSON, of a daughter.
Of a son, at Kerroughtree, on the 24th ult. Lady HERON MAXWELL.

On Saturday, in this city, Mr. John SINCLAIR, book-binder, to Miss Mary NOBLE.
On Thursday week, in this city, Mr. John VARTY, of Alston, to Miss Jane STEEL, being his third wife. The particulars of this courtship,  and its devoutly wished for consummation, are somewhat singular. The now-happy bridegroom, becoming deranged in his affairs, was conducted to the "receptacle of unfortunates," in this city, viz. a prison, some time in June last, having committed his second rib to mother earth the Saturday previous to his change of quarters; and whilst there was attended with his victuals by a buxom wench, a servant at an inn in this city: on which occasion (having by industry saved about £200), our tender Desdemona, to whom the sight of grated bars and other paraphernalia afforded no terrors, albeit of the "melting mood,"—daily brought him a gallon of ale, until poor VARTY, along with his mantling liquor, imbibed deep and intoxicating draughts of love; and in the lapse of a week, they became mutually agreeable to each other. On the day alluded to, the amorous swain, having previously taken the benefit of the Insolvent Act, was yoked to his generous heroine, and driven home in triumph.
On Sunday last, at Gretna Green, Mr. EDDINSON, weaver, to Miss CLEGG.
Same place and time, Mr. CLEGG, to Miss EDDINSON; all of Brampton.
On Monday last, Mr. James HEWITT, cooper, to Miss M. BELL; both of Brampton.
At Kirkoswald (by the Rev. Mr. FISHER), on Saturday, Nov. 11, Mr. John NEWTON, of Renwick, to Miss Elizabeth LAYTON, of Bush.
Same day, Mr. A. LAWSON, of Kirkoswald, to Miss Mary BOWERBANK, of Lazonby.
On Monday, 13th ult. Mr. George RICHARDSON, of Kirkoswald, to Miss Sarah HORSLEY, of High Fog-close.
Wednesday, Mr. Matthew BOWERBANK, to Miss Elizabeth SHEPHERD, both of Penrith.
On Tuesday, the 14th ult. Mr. Thos. GREY, of Huddleskeugh-Hall, to Miss Elizabeth ARNESON, of Parkhead.
At Workington, on Sunday last, Capt. Adam SCOTT, of the ship Barnet, to Miss TODD, of Workington.
Tuesday last, Captain DRYDEN, of the vessel Nancy, to Miss TIFFIN, daughter of the late Capt. Henry TIFFIN; all of Workington.
Tuesday se'nnight, at Whitehaven, Wm. BENNETT, Esq. Captain and Adjutant in the Royal Cumberland Militia, to Mrs. BARRY, of that town.
Saturday last, at Newcastle, Mr. Wm. RICHARDSON, of that place, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the late Mr. H. FRENCH, of St. Lawrence.
On the 14th ult. at Bedruth, Capt. Matthew BENNETTS, of North Downs Mine, aged 75 years, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Thomas TEAGUE, Esq. of Calstock, aged 17.
AMERICAN WIT.—Married, on the 26th ult. in Caswell County, by the Rev. Braxilla GRAVES, Capt. William GRAVES, son of John GRAVES, Esq. to Miss Nancy GRAVES, daughter of Gen. Azariah GRAVES.—(New York Paper.)
The Graves, 'tis said,
Will yield their dead,
When Gabriel's trumpet shakes the skies;
But if God please,
From GRAVES like these,
A dozen living folks may rise.

[to be continued]

Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives


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At Leeds, on Sunday last, to the great grief of his relatives, Mr. Henry HARRINGTON, son of Dr. HARRINGTON, of this city.
On Tuesday, in Annetwell-street, aged 43, Mr. Thomas SEWELL, innkeeper.
On Thursday, in Abbey-street, Ann, wife of Mr. Thos. ALLISON, shoemaker, advanced in years.
At Dalston, on Saturday, aged 98, Mr. ——— BECK, shoemaker.
Monday last, at an advanced age, Mrs. GIBSON, Cumrew.
At Kirkoswald, on Thursday, the 16th Nov. Mr. Isaac BOWMAN, aged 73, much respected. He had filled the offices of parish-clerk and sexton of Kirkoswald for upwards of 33 years.
At Parkhead, near Kirkoswald, lately, Martin NICHOLSON, labourer, aged 77. He has been a steady and upright member of the Methodist Society from his youth.
Yesterday week, at Kirkcudbright, suddenly, Mr. John MONIES, formerly merchant in Charlestown, America.
Yesterday week, at Penrith, Mrs. Mary ROPER, aged 75.
Tuesday last, at same place, Eleanor, the wife of Mr. Joseph MORLIN, aged 67.
The 26th ult. at Netherhall, in this county, Mrs. SENHOUSE, widow of the late Humphrey SENHOUSE, Esq. aged 75.
Yesterday week, Mr. John MARTIN, of Matterdale, a man universally respected, and whose loss will be deeply regretted by a large circle of acquaintance.
Lately, at Keswick, aged 75, Mr. H. STODDART.
Tuesday last, at Whitehaven, Mrs. ORMANDY, wife of Mr. Wm. ORMANDY, cabinet-maker, and mother to Mr. BRAGG, butcher.
Same place, Mrs. FLEMING, wife of Mr. FLEMING, of Church-street.
Saturday last, aged 37, Mr. George HOSSEY, many years in the customs at Newcastle.
At Dumfries, on the 18th ult. aged 102, Jane THOMSON, pauper.
At Newville, near Dumfries, on the 25th ult. Mrs. Mary THOMSON, relict of Mr. James MILLIGAN, late farmer in Hazlerigg, aged 69.
At New Bridge of Clouden, on Saturday, Mr. John RENWICK, aged 93.
In April last, at Ceylon, the Rev. Wm. AULT, one of the West Ceylon Missionaries, who went out some time ago with Dr. COKE.
The 16th ult. at Kelso, aged 65, Mr. Charles WALDIE, banker.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives