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Saturday 25 Nov 1815 - BMD
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 Saturday 25 Nov 1815   (p. 3, col. 3)

On the 18th inst. in this city, the wife of Mr. HART, manufacturer of hosiery, of a son, being the 10th male child, without a single daughter!

On Tuesday last, in this city, Mr. Robert HEBRON, to Miss Ann PEARS.
On Sunday last, Mr. Thos. GOLDING, to Miss Mary BARKER; both of this city.
On Monday last, in this city, Mr. Thomas GRAHAM, to Miss Elizabeth HOLSTEAD.
Saturday last, Mr. —— ROY, weaver, to Miss Mary CHRISTIE; both of Botchergate.
On Monday last, Mr. John LAMB, Kylesykehill, to Miss WANNOP, Bankhead; both in the parish of Irthington.
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas SIM, of Field-end, to Miss Sarah REED, of same place.
Same place and day, Mr. John ATKINSON, to Miss Isabella WALLACE.
Same day, at Aikton, Mr. James HODGSON, of Thornby, to Miss Margaret GRAHAM, of same place.
At Westbank, on the 15th inst. the Rev. George DICKSON, minister of Pettinain, to Mary, fourth daughter of the late Alex. LOCKHART, Esq.
Saturday last, Mr. Richard BARKER, to Miss Hannah CARTER; both of Penrith.
Same day and place, Mr. James MILLIGAN, of this city, to Miss Margaret GRAHAM, of Penrith.
At Brigham, on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. SCOTT, son of Mr. SCOTT, of the Sun Inn, Cockermouth, to Miss Esther CROSTHWAITE, of the same place.
At Workington, on Thursday last, Mr. Robert WALLACE, mariner, to Miss Betty GILL; both of that place.
Same place and day (by the Rev. Peter HOW), Anthony PEAT, Esq. Collector of the Customs at Workington, to Miss WINDER, second daughter of the late Rev. Thomas WINDER, of that place.
Saturday last, at Whitehaven, J. A. GAITSKELL, M. D. of Bath, to Maria, eldest daughter of Sir Joseph SENHOUSE, of Hensingham Hall, near Whitehaven.
Thursday week, at same place, Mr. George CAVEN, to Miss Elizabeth JOHNSTON.
Sunday last, at same place, Mr. John SCOTT, officer of excise, to Miss Mary DODGSON.
On Monday the 13th inst. at Morland, Westmorland, Mr. Robert TAYLOR, to Miss Ann THOMPSON; both of that place.
On Wednesday last, Mr. James WEBSTER, tailor, to Miss Jane M'KEUGHER, mantua-maker; both of Kendal.
The 15th inst. Mr. John LISTER, to Miss Ann WILSON; both of Gateshead.
At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on Monday, Mr. Samuel M'CLELLAN, late of Wakefield, draper, to Miss Margaret NELSON, of Gatehouse.
Same place and day, Mr. John M'WHAE, merchant, Gatehouse, to Miss Susan M'MILLAN, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel M'MILLAN, merchant, also of that place.
On Wednesday week, Mr. Edward PALEY, of Brafferton, near York, youngest son of the late Archdeacon PALEY, to Miss Mary Ann PALEY, of Chapel Allerton, near Leeds. [They were married at St. Peter, Leeds.]

[to be continued]

Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives


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At his house, in Fisher-street, on Monday last, the 20th inst. after a long and painful illness, aged 54 years, John CONNELL, Esq. deeply and deservedly regretted by his friends, and most justly respected by all who knew him.
In Botchergate, on Monday last, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian meekness, Mary, the wife of Mr. William MILBURN, joiner, aged 39; youngest daughter of Mr. Robert SCHOLES, of Halifax,—much and deservedly respected by all her friends and acquaintance.
Wednesday, at Upperby, near this city, Samuel BATY, labourer, advanced in years.
Yesterday week, at Penrith, Mr. John ROUTLEDGE, aged 35.
Wednesday last, at Cockermouth, Mr. George JONES, mercer, of the Society of Friends, aged 59, universally respected.
At Workington, on Wednesday last, Mrs. Frances HARRISON, widow of the late Capt. HARRISON, of that town.
Wednesday week, in Whitehaven, aged 53, Mrs. BENSON, wife of Mr. Wm. BENSON, and eldest daughter of the late Henry ELLISON, Esq.
Same day and place, aged 52, Mrs. HODGSON, widow of the late Mr. Thos. HODGSON, plumber and glazier.
Saturday, at same place, Mrs. BOWES, widow.
Saturday last, Samuel CASTLE, Esq. clerk of the crown for the county of Durham, and a solicitor of the first respectability.
Lately, at the Riding Mills, Durham, Margaret BROWN, aged 102.
Yesterday week, aged 74, Mr. Joseph MARSHALL, of Newcastle.
On Wednesday, 22d inst. at Kendal, after a short indisposition, Mr. Wm. NUTTER, aged 37 years, eldest son of the late Mr. H. NUTTER, painter, Carlisle. His talents as a painter shone conspicuous in every department.
Monday, Mr. Geo. GRAHAM, of Underbarrow, aged 63.
Yesterday week, Mrs. BROUGH, of Sedgwick, aged 84.
At Maxwelltown, by Dumfries, on the 17th inst. Mr. Thomas ALLBURY.
At Dumfries, on the 15th, Mr. Walter CARRUTHERS.
Same place, on Sunday, Elizabeth CAVENS.
At Stranraer, on the 8th, John M'CREE, Esq. formerly of Jamaica.
At Auchencairn, parish of Kirkmahoe, on the 9th inst. James CRICHTON, Esq.
The 14th inst, in London, Joseph FORSYTH, M. D. lately from Jamaica, aged 20; eldest son of Philip FORSYTH, Esq. of Nithsdale.
The 11th inst. in London, aged 60, Lady TURNER, relict of Sir J. C. TURNER, and daughter of the late William CRAMLINGTON, Esq. one of the aldermen of Newcastle.
The 11th inst. aged 70 years, Mr. Maurice MARGARAT, who was tried before the Court of Justiciary in Scotland in 1796, on a charge of sedition, and transported to Botany Bay for 14 years, with some others. He was the only one who survived the term of banishment to return home.
At Balleycowan, near Purdysburn, Wm. BITTLE. When a youth, he was at the last capital horse race contested on Lamberg course, 106 years ago. He has left a son and daughter, only 18 or 20 years younger than himself.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives