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Saturday 18 Nov 1815 - BMD
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 Saturday 18 Nov 1815   (p. 3, col. 3)

On Thursday the 9th inst. Mrs. ANDREW, wife of Mr. ANDREW, spirit-merchant, Rickergate, of a daughter.

On Saturday last, in this city, Mr. John M'DOWELL, to Miss Margaret CREICHTON, eldest daughter of Mr. James CREICHTON, dyer, Weary-holm, near Carlisle.
This week, in this city, Mr. John WATSON, of Caldewgate, to Miss Eleanor SCOTT, of Rickergate.
This week, in this city, Mr. Robert GROVES, to Miss Ann RICHARDSON, both of Rickergate.
At Wigton, on Monday, Mr. Robert WILSON, to Miss Ann HEAD; both of Wigton.
At Crosscannonby (by the Rev. Mr. DONALD), on the 9th inst. Mr. Pattinson LAWSON, of Bowness-hall, to Miss RITSON, of Maryport.
Same time and place, Mr. Thos. FORSTER, to Miss Sarah WILSON, both of Crosby, near Maryport.
Saturday last, Mr. Wm. MAGGOT, of Crosby, mariner, to Miss Mary CAMPBELL, of Maryport.
Sunday last, Mr. Joseph BROWN, mariner, to Miss Ann WHITE; both of Maryport.
Monday last, Mr. Joseph WEDGEWOOD, mariner, to Miss Isabella FERON; both of Maryport.
In Whitehaven, on Monday, Mr. Richard REES, to Miss Jane BANKS.
At Bolton church, on the 9th inst. Mr. Thos. BELL, of Catlands, to Miss Jane BELL, of Waver-bank.
On Sunday, at Kendal, Mr. Richard KITCHEN, to Miss Mary ASKEW.
Monday, at same place, Mr. Thomas FURNESS, to Miss Eleanor BELL.
Same day and place, Mr. James HARRISON, to Miss Mary NELSON.
Same day and place, Mr. John ARMSTRONG, to Miss Eleanor METCALF; all of Kendal.

Yesterday week, in this city, aged 41, Agnes, wife of Mr. James LITTLE.
Without the Irish Gate, on Monday, Mrs. Margaret GRAHAM, wife of Mr. Jos. GRAHAM, dyer; in the prime of life.
A few days ago, at Maryport, Sarah, daughter of Mr. John HARRIS, one of the Society of Friends, much respected, aged 34 years.
On Sunday week, at same place, Mr. Wilson ROTHERY, aged 17; a young man of superior abilities as a mathematician, son of Mr. John ROTHERY, of the above place.
On Wednesday, Nov. 8, Mr. John RICHARDSON, of the Ship Inn, Cockermouth, aged 82 years.
At Cockermouth, on the 9th instant, Mrs. Isabella THURSBY, aged 73. She retired to bed after dinner in health, and was shortly afterwards found dead.
In Whitehaven, on Wednesday se'nnight, Mr. Henry Steele NICHOLSON.
In Sept. last, at the Savannah, Capt. Thomas BATEMAN, of the Unity, of Newcastle: also four of his crew.
The 8th inst. Mr. J. BROUGH, of Newcastle, aged 70.
Tuesday se'nnight, Mrs. E. HAWKS, widow of Mr. John HAWKS, master mariner, aged 81.
Sunday, at Gateshead, Mrs. BATY, of the Cross Keys.
Same day, in Newcastle, Miss Mary STOREY.
Saturday, in the workhouse at Durham, aged 70, Mr. Thomas GREENWELL, formerly a respectable draper.
Lately, at Whinfell, near Temple Sowerby, Mr. John FAWELL, aged 63. He had been blind from his infancy, but, being instructed in music, filled the situation of organist at Appleby church for 21 years.
At Kendal, on Saturday, aged 55, Mr. George HUNTER, weaver.
Monday last, Mrs. Jane GIBSON, of Kirkland, at an advanced age.
Thursday week, at Dumfries, aged 56, Mr. John AULD, for several years the chief compositor and corrector of the Dumfries Journal.
The 5th inst. at Dublin, Mr. ROCK, late of the Theatre-Royal of that city, and formerly manager of the Glasgow and Edinburgh Theatres.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives