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Saturday 01 Jul 1815 - BMD
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 Saturday 01 Jul 1815   (p. 3, col. 4)

On Monday, the 19th ult. Joseph, son of Robert FERGUSON, Esq. of Carlisle, to Maria Isabella, daughter of the late John CLARK, Esq. of Bebside House, Northumberland. [The marriage license from the Diocese of Durham specifies that the marriage should take place in the Chapel of Horton, Northumberland.]
Sunday last, at Gretna-Green, Mr. John MONKHOUSE, of Stockwall-hall, to Miss Nancy BARKER, of Newlands.
Saturday last, at Bowness, Mr. FAULDER, to Miss FARLAM; both of Fingland.
At Penrith, on the 24th ult. Mr. Thomas KIRKBRIDE, in the parish of Barton, to Miss Ann HALL, of Penrith.
At Cockermouth, on the 17th ult. Mr. Joseph FLETCHER, to Miss Mary ROBINSON.
At Alston, on Saturday last, Mr. John PHILLIPSON, of Allenheads, Northumberland, to Miss Margaret DICKINSON, of the former place.
Saturday last, in Liverpool, Mr. Thomas MARTIN, of Whitehaven, to Mrs. SCOTT, widow of the late Capt. J. SCOTT, of Liverpool.
At Settle, in Yorkshire, on the 17th June, Wm. CLAYTON, Esq. younger, of Langcliff, to Miss Isabella Eliza SHAFTO, youngest daughter of the late Sir Cuthbert SHAFTO, of Barrington, Northumberland. 

Yesterday week, aged 77, at Brough, Mrs. LIDDELL, mother of Mr. LIDDELL, surgeon.
A few days since, at Intack, near Brampton, Mrs. SIMPSON, aged 80.
Lately, Eliza, daughter of Mr. Edward WILSON, in Brampton, aged 8 years.
Lately, Hannah, wife of Mr. Thomas CARRUTHERS, innkeeper, Newtown of Irthington.
At Cockermouth, on the 16th ult. Mrs. Sarah LOWTHIAN, a maiden lady, aged 74.
The 14th ult. suddenly, Mr. Fisher TUBMAN, mason, aged 68. He went to his work into the country in the morning quite well, and shortly afterwards, finding himself unwell, quitted it to return home (Cockermouth), and died on the road.
The 18th ult. at Keswick, Mrs. Mary BANKS, aged 65.
Yesterday week, near Keswick, Mrs. BURNYEAT, aged 86.
Tuesday se'nnight, in Whitehaven, aged 37, Mr. Anthony STEEL, solicitor.
Tuesday se'nnight, in Whitehaven, Mary, the wife of Mr. Henry KESWICK, flax-dresser.
Sunday se'nnight, in Kendal, aged 44, Mrs. Jane HUDDLESTON, wife of Mr. David HUDDLESTON, banker.
On Saturday last, Mr. Anthony THOMPSON, of Nenthead, near Alston, aged 43.
At Terraughtie, parish of Traquaer, Gallowayshire, Alex. MAXWELL, Esq. aged 76 years; a gentleman much respected, and of the most charitable disposition.
At Gategill-house, very suddenly, on Saturday morning last, Mr. Adam TAIT, preacher of the gospel and assistant to the Rev. Dr. MUTER, minister of Kirkcudbright.
At Dumfries, on Sunday last, Alexina GIBSON, wife of Mr. James BAIN, writer there; and, melancholy to relate, Mr. BAIN himself, on Monday morning. They were both interred on Tuesday afternoon, in one grave.
At Roberton, parish of Borgue, on Thursday the 15th ult. Mrs. SMITH, wife of Mr. James SMITH there, and daughter of Anthony GORDON, Esq. Roberton.
At Kirkinner Manse, on the 18th ult. the Rev. John GRAHAM, minister of that parish, in the 83d year of his age, and 51st of his ministry.
Lately, at Coventry, Mr. Francis SINGLETON, ribbon-manufacturer; formerly of Whitehaven.
At Lancaster, last week, the Rev. Charles Lord Viscount Fauconberg, D. D. aged 65.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives
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