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Saturday 18 Mar 1815 - BMD
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 Saturday 18 Mar 1815   (p. 3, col. 4)

Lately, at Whitehaven, Mr. Thomas LAWSON, tobacconist, Workington, to Ann, 3d daughter of Mr. John M'BRIDE, of the former place.
Lately, at Bridekirk, Mr. John ELLIOTT, aged 32, to Miss Mary DOUGLAS, aged 59, both of Tallentire.
Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. Thomas WATERS, floor-cloth-manufacturer, to Miss BEDLINGTON; both of Newcastle.
At Dumfries, on Monday last, Mr. John SINCLAIR, bookseller, to Miss Helen DOUGLAS.
Lately, at Croydon, Mr. WEELWRIGHT, of Birmingham, aged 66, to Miss Elizabeth GOODMAN, of Mitcham, aged 58, after a courtship of 29 years. It is a well known fact, that the match was finally settled in haste, in consequence of the proposed increase of assessed taxes on bachelors.

In Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, aged 60, Mr. Joseph NICHOLSON, one of the Society of Friends.
Same place, the 9th inst. Mrs. SELBY, widow, aged 65.
Same place, yesterday week, aged 24, Mr. Thomas BLACK, mariner.
Tuesday last, at Gilead House, Liverpool, Mrs. SOLOMON, aged 50.
Monday last, at Hangerton, Mrs. Sarah MILLER, much respected.
Wednesday se'nnight, Mr. Anthony DUNN, of Newcastle, butcher.
Yesterday week, aged 44, Mr. Robert RICHMOND, of Newcastle, auctioneer.
In the Parish of Tundergarth, Dumfries-shire, on the 12th [?] inst. James DREWIT [?], Esq. of Westwood, aged 73.
On the 7th current, at Annan, Mrs. SMITH, relict of the late Eaglesfield SMITH, Esq. of Langshaw, Dumfries-shire, aged 68.
Saturday last, at his son's house of Mollance, N. B. James NAPIER, Esq. of Waterside, aged 75.
Tuesday, at Aldoth, Mr. TORDIFF, in the prime of life.
"On Saturday morning the 11th inst. Margaret, the wife of Mr. Samuel LEWTHWAITE, stone-mason, of this city, aged 38. She lived and died an honour to her Christian profession; and approved herself a useful member of the Christian society with which she was connected. In addition to a faithful discharge of her domestic and relative engagements she was concerned with her pious partner to 'walk in all the ordinances and commandments of the Lord blamelessly.' She was called to suffer much affliction for several months previous to her decease. But she was assisted to endure it with Christian patience and resignation. It appeared evident that by her sufferings she was gradually meetened for celestial bliss. The divine promises supported her mind; and she rejoiced in the full assurance of hope. The very last sentence she was heard to utter was the cheering anticipation of the Apostle in Rom. 8. 18. Her body was indeed committed to the grave 'in the full and certain hope of a happy resurrection to eternal life.' May her surviving friends recollect and imitate whatever was in her truly excellent and good! Thus shall they 'be followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises!' "
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives