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Carlisle Patriot Name Index Jan 1817 - Feb 1821
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* July 25, 2018, 03:43:38 PM
I have finally managed to complete a detailed name index for the Carlisle Patriot transcriptions from January 1817 to February 1821.
There are three BMD indexes: Births (containing 138 entries), Marriages (4646 entries) and Deaths (4482 entries).
In addition there is a General index (containing more than 30,000 entries), which lists all names in my transcriptions not covered by the BMD indexes. These are mainly from the other articles but this index also contains names from the BMD columns of persons mentioned in the marriages and deaths columns that were not the persons who were married or had died, e.g. their relatives or the officiating minister.
I am particularly proud of the General index because it lists a fascinating variety of people. Of course, the wealthy and influential are mentioned more frequently than others - as donors to charities, members of committees, magistrates, or when elected to some public office. People in business get mentioned either because they advertise their services, or, in the case of solicitors and auctioneers, in adverts for property sales, or because they went bankrupt! But there is a lot about ordinary people as well: criminals and victims of crime, victims of accidents, witnesses in court cases, tenants of houses and farms for sale, innkeepers in whose houses auctions or meetings were held, and farmers or gardeners who had grown exceptionally large fruit or vegetables; also included are masters of vessels mentioned in the shipping news, officiating ministers in marriages etc. etc. If they were mentioned by name (at least surname), they are in the index.
If you find a relevant entry in the index, you are always advised to look either at the transcription or at the original paper as there may well be more details than are contained in the index.
Please look at the Introduction page of the index first - it explains who and what is indexed, the rules I have followed, abbreviations etc.
You are welcome to download the index to your computer to use for your own research or to do lookups for others. It is in Microsoft Excel 2013. However, please do NOT republish the whole index or part of it in any form, online or otherwise, without my permission.
Have fun!