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Introduction of GDPR on
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* May 21, 2018, 07:05:04 PM
A new law comes  into effect on 26th May 2018 called the General Data Protection Regulation.

The regulation is complex and is intended to give the data subject (you) more control over how your personal data is used and put control on how any organisation holds and uses your personal data. Personal data is anything that could identify you as an individual, either when used alone or in conjunction with other information. For full details you can visit the Information Commissioners Office at

Cumbria Family History Society have ensured they are compliant with this new regulation and as a result of this have issued a Privacy Notice as well as actioned modifications to their Terms and Conditions, both the general ones and those particular to this Forum. You should ensure that you read these, they can be found through menu bar links, either at the bottom of any main website page or the top of any Forum Page.

As a result of this regulation we will have to revalidate all Forum users, this process will be automatically triggered when you next try to access the Forum. It should be noted that to comply with GDPR that we must ensure that all our records are current and accurate, therefore it will be necessary to go through re-validation from time to time, there are no specified intervals for this, so we have chosen to request re-validation annually, this will happen when the cookies that have been set expire which will be one year after being set. Please note that re-validating may log you out of the Forum and after you accept cookies to get back in the Forum you will need to log in again, your user details have not been changed.

If you use any cookie control monitors or add-ins to your browser or if your browser is set to delete cookies after each session then you will have to re-validate every time you visit the Forum or change your program settings, this can often be done for specific websites.  Firefox can be sensitive to this, if you find you need to re-validate every time you visit then it is suggested you re-install Firefox with default settings.

If you have any queries on this or any problem with the re-validation then please contact the webmaster, this can be done via the contacts page on the main website.

We apologise for having to make all these changes and the inconvenience it may cause you, we do however have to obey the law and hopefully if all comply it will improve internet security. Unfortunately it is likely that only the good sites will comply and the bad sites will continue to do what they do.

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