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Author Topic: Saturday 05 Mar 1803 - BMD  (Read 64 times)

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Saturday 05 Mar 1803 - BMD
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 Saturday 05 Mar 1803   (p. 3, col. 3)

A poor woman in the parish of Skull, in the west of the county of Cork, of two children. It is a singular fact, that an interval of six weeks took place between their births.

On Tuesday last, Mr. William ROUTLEDGE, of Flat, in the parish of Bewcastle, to Miss Mary ARMSTRONG, of Black Gap, in the parish of Irthington.
On Monday se'nnight, at Whitehaven, Mr. BARWISE, mariner, to Miss MACHELL, both of that town.
On Sunday last, at the same place, Mr. James SPITTAL, grocer, to Miss SMITH.
At Ecclefechan, Mr. John IRVING, late of Preston, to Miss Mary HENDERSON, of the former place.
On Tuesday se'nnight, at Berwick-upon-Tweed, John LOWTHER, Esq. store-keeper to the garrison, to Miss RIDDELL, eldest daughter of Thomas RIDDELL, Esq. of Berwick.
On the 21st of June, at Burneo, in the East Indies, Thomas HUNTER, Esq. to Lady Honoria PELHAM, an heiress in the possession of 100,000l.
On Saturday se'nnight, at Stockton, Mr. Wilson DOBBING, to Miss MAWBRAY, daughter of Mr. Anthony MAWBRAY, all of that place.
At the same place, on Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. William SANDERSON, of Appleton-upon-Wisk, to Miss SNOWDON, of Stockton.
On Sunday se'nnight, at Blackburn, Mr. Thomas BRODBELT, of Preston, to Miss GREEN, of the former place, manufacturer.
Same day, Mr. Thomas RISHTON, to Miss HAYDOCK, both of Blackburn.
On Wednesday se'nnight, in London, William MOORE, Esq. of Doctors' Commons, to Miss PRICE, daughter of the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor.

On Sunday last, in this city, Mr. Robert SHOTTON, officer of excise, in the 30th year of age.
On Tuesday se'nnight, in Schoolhouse-lane, Whitehaven, Mr. J. MIDDLETON, many years an officer of the customs at that port.
On Saturday last, at Walworth, Surrey, Rear Admiral HUDSON, aged 73; well known and esteemed, both as a man and an officer, by the present first Lord of the Admiralty, Lord St. Vincent. This praiseworthy man was a descendant of the family of HUDSON, of Haltcliff-Bridge, in this county.
On Monday se'nnight, Mrs. BULMER, wife of Mr. BULMER, of Lay-gate, near North Shields.
Same day, in the 81st year of her age, Mrs. SISSON, widow of the late Purvis SISSON, of Newcastle.
On Sunday se'nnight, at Jarrow-wood-house, in the 66th year of his age, Robert WADE, Esq. of Scotch-house, West Boldon.
At Sidmouth, the Rev. John BARTON, prebendary of Canterbury, and chaplain to the House of Commons.
On Thursday se'nnight, aged 44, Mr. Francis COATS, of Newcastle, bookseller.
Same day, at Sunderland, suddenly, Mr. John HERVEY, surgeon, aged 70.
Lately, the Rev. Robert DENT, A. B. curate of Esh and Setley, in the county of Durham.
On Saturday se'nnight, suddenly, Mr. RUSSEL, of Preston, cotton-manufacturer.
On Tuesday se'nnight, at his house in Greek-street, Soho-square, London, in the 84th year of his age, General Edward MAXWELL BROWN, Colonel of the 67th Regiment of Foot.
At Pulta, in the East Indies, on the 29th of August last, Sir Charles William BLUNT, Bart.
On the 1st ult. at Stockholm, Count PIPER, upper chamberlain to the late Queen of Sweden, and one of the richest subjects in Sweden.
Lately, in Ireland, the Hon. James TONSON, second son of the late Lord Riversdale.
Lately, at his house in Queen-square, Bristol, in the 64th year of his age, Mr. PINE, printer.
On the 12th ult. at Munich, the Electoral Prince Maximilian of Bavaria.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives