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Author Topic: Saturday 17 Jul 1802 - Elections  (Read 49 times)

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Saturday 17 Jul 1802 - Elections
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 Saturday 17 Jul 1802   (p. 2, col. 5)
JULY 17.

On Thursday a numerous meeting of the Freeholders of this county was held at the Goat, near Cockermouth, when the old Members, Sir Henry FLETCHER, Bart. and John LOWTHER, Esq. (the former proposed by J. C. CURWEN, Esq. and seconded by John LOSH, Esq. and the latter proposed by Henry HOWARD, Esq. and seconded by J. D. B. DYKES, Esq.) were elected without opposition. In the afternoon the attending Freeholders, who were composed of the most respectable gentlemen in the county, were sumptuously entertained at the joint expence of the members.
Wednesday se'nnight, Mr COURTNEY and Mr. FRANCIS were elected for the borough of Appleby.
Sir Michael LE FLEMING, Bart. and James LOWTHER, have been re-elected for the county of Westmorland.
Sir James GRAHAM, Bart. and John HEATHCOTE, Esq. have been re-elected for the borough of Ripon.
On Tuesday se'nnight, Sir M. W. RIDLEY and Mr. BRANDLING were re-elected for Newcastle, without opposition, and were chaired through the streets according to custom, amidst the acclamations of the populace. They afterwards dined with a large party of friends at the Shakespear Tavern.
On Thursday se'nnight, the Right Hon. Lord Morpeth, eldest son of the Earl of Carlisle, and William ORD, Esq. of Fenham, were elected for Morpeth, after a sharp contest, which, however, was carried on with great good humour. Mr. DELME, on Lord Carlisle’s interest, was the unsuccessful candidate. The numbers were—Lord Morpeth, 129; Mr. ORD, 115; Mr. DELME, 97.
On Monday se’nnight, Sir William Mordaunt MILNER, Bart. and the Hon. Lawrence DUNDAS, were returned without opposition, for the city of York. Mr. WILBERFORCE and the Hon. H. LASCELLES have also been re-elected without opposition for the county.
Samuel THORNTON, and John STANIFORTH, Esqrs. are elected for Hull. J. W. DENISON, Esq. was the unsuccessful candidate. John WHARTON, Esq. and Gen. BURTON, are elected for Beverley. J. B. S MORRITT, Esq. was unsuccessful. The numbers were, WHARTON, 736; BURTON, 690; MORRITT, 626. At Hedon, George JOHNSTON, and Christopher SAVILE, Esqrs. beat Mr. MESTAER and Mr. JACKSON.
The Northumberland election is fixed for the 19th inst. That for the county of Durham on the 20th.
On Thursday se’nnight, the election for Lancaster commenced; when the Marquis of Douglas was proposed by George MARTIN, Esq. and seconded by William BRADSHAW, Esq. — John DENT, Esq. was proposed by Charles GIBSON, Esq. and seconded by John BRADSHAW, Esq. — and John Fenton CAWTHORNE, Esq. was proposed by Thomas BATEMAN, Esq. and seconded by James LODGE, Esq.—A poll being demanded, it immediately commenced, and was carried on with great spirit till Wednesday, when Mr. DENT and the Marquis of Douglas were declared duly elected. At the final close of the poll, the numbers were—Mr. DENT 1240—Marquis of Douglas 1163—Mr. CAWTHORNE 777.
The election at Liverpool was terminated on Friday se'nnight, by Mr. BIRCH declining the contest. At the final close of the poll, the numbers were—For General GASCOYNE 884—General TARLETON 600—Mr. BIRCH 477—Mr. CHALMERS 31.—About four o’clock in the afternoon the two successful candidates were chaired through the principal streets, amidst the acclamations of an immense crowd of people collected together on the occasion.—At the beginning of the week Mr. BIRCH was (without. his knowledge) nominated for Nottingham, and from the last state of the poll, it is highly probable that he will gain his election there.
Mr. WOOD, the Counsellor, and Mr. PENN, member in the last Parliament for Lancaster, are returned for the borough of Haslemere.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives