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Author Topic: Saturday 23 Jan 1802 - Local News  (Read 83 times)

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Saturday 23 Jan 1802 - Local News
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 Saturday 23 Jan 1802   (p. 3, col. 1-2)
Monday last, being her Majesty's birth day, was observed here as usual, by the ringing of bells, firing of guns, &c.
On the breaking up of the late frost, at the beginning of this week, part of the north side of our city walls, to the length of about 30 yards, fell down with a most terrible crash; but we are happy in being able to add, that no other injury was sustained than the destruction of a few hog sties which stood immediately below, and from which the inhabitants luckily escaped unhurt.—We have so frequently had occasion to notice the very ruinous and extremely dangerous condition of these walls, which it is even unsafe to come near, that we are inclined to think that, were application made to a proper quarter, an order for their much wished-for removal might be obtained.
Last Tuesday afternoon, about four o'clock, the middle arch of Ousebridge, which crosses the river Derwent at the foot of Bassenthwaite lake, fell down, and at nine o'clock the same evening the eastern arch also came down. — A person who was going over the bridge had a narrow escape when the first arch fell, and several carts had crossed a very short time before.—It is supposed the foundation had given way, as a small opening on one side had appeared for some time, but no apprehensions were entertained of its giving way so soon. The falling of this bridge must be attended with very great inconvenience to the public in that part of the country, as it renders the communication between the vale of Bassenthwaite and Cockermouth, &c. very circuitous.
On Saturday last, at Penrith, a poor woman, named Mary HETHERINGTON, fell upon the fire in a fit, by which accident she was so severely burnt as to occasion her death shortly after.
On Monday last, two men, calling themselves John ROBINSON and William ARCHIBALD, were apprehended and examined before the Magistrates at Kendal. Some false dice and other articles for gambling being found upon them, and not being able to give a satisfactory account of themselves, they were ordered to be whipped out of town as rogues and vagabonds.
Last week, a girl about three years of age, belonging to William THOMPSON, tailor, in Kendal, being left alone in the house for a few minutes, unfortunately approached too near the fire, when her clothes caught hold, and she was burnt in so shocking a manner, that she expired the next day.—A woman named Mary PEARSON, aged 82, was also burnt to death in Stramongate, in the same town, by her clothes catching fire.
At the Quarter Sessions for Westmorland, held on Saturday last, a bill was found against Peter TOWERS, of Milnthorp, for assault upon Mary Ann RAWS, a child not ten years of age. He gave bail for his appearance next sessions.
At the Quarter Sessions held at Lancaster, on Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. ELLERTON, of Ulverston, was indicted for refusing to take upon himself the office of overseer of the poor for that township; but it appearing that he carries on business at Dublin, where he frequently resides, he was acquitted.
It has lately been determined, that every person who keeps a horse, and does not groom and saddle him himself, is liable to be charged with the duty for a male servant, except in cases of parish-apprentices.
On Sunday se'nnight, about three o'clock in the morning, a shocking accident happened at Drypool, near Hull:—Mrs. WALKER, aged 75, having occasion to rise from bed, in order to admit her husband into the house, unfortunately fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom, dislocated her neck, and died upon the spot before assistance could be procured, no person but herself being in the house, and the door being locked within. She had previously dropped the key from the window, which her husband in the dark, was not able to find, and was intending to go down to open the door, when this melancholy catastrophe terminated her existence.
The Rev. Mr. SHEEPSHANKS, A. M. and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, is presented to the valuable living of Trinity, in Leeds, vacant by the death of the late Rev. Francis CRIPPS.
William HOTHAM, Esq. is elected Mayor of York for the ensuing year.
Tristram HOGG, Esq. is elected Mayor of Richmond, in Yorkshire, for the year ensuing.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives