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Index of Surnames in the Carlisle Patriot Transcriptions 4 Oct 2022
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April 26, 2016, 01:09:53 PM

An electronic index has been created of all the Surnames in the posts made on the transcriptions from the Carlisle Patriot. It works by extracting all Capitalised words so it will also contain some words that are not surnames, though these may also prove useful.

It is work in progress, but it was thought it would be useful to be released now as it gives an opportunity for people to find surnames easily in the posts. Each entry in the index links directly to the post, though you will need to be logged in to the Forum for this to work.

The file is a ZIP file that contain the HTML file. This will automatically work on later version of Windows, but in some cases for earlier versions you will have to download the ZIP file, open it and then save the HTML file that it contains to your computer so you can then use it.

On some computers you may receive a warning about opening HTML files, this file is safe to open.

If you find any problems with the file, errors, or have any comments then please contact me, you can do this by clicking on the envelope icon under my name in the left hand column of this post.
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John Steel
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October 04, 2022, 11:08:07 AM
**UPDATED, NEW VERSION OF INDEX ADDED 4/10/2022 - ADMIN** see new attachment to the first post.

John Steel
Webmaster for CFHS