RETIREMENT OF THE FORUM. The Society is developing a new website, and with regret will not include this Forum. An offline copy will be archived, but if you have personal contributions or correspondence that you wish to retain, please make a personal copy before the end of November.  The Forum will be frozen to new postings very shortly

How to register with this Forum
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* February 04, 2012, 06:18:23 PM

IMPORTANT NOTE : You will need a registration code to join the forum, please send an email to [email protected] to get the current code, you will get an immediate automatic response.

You must register to see all the parts of this notice board, without registering you can only see the topics in this Welcome section, there are several other sections which are only revealed when you log in.

To register carry out the following.

  • Find and click on the Register link at the top left of this page
  • Read through the registration agreement and provided you accept this click on the 'I accept the terms of the agreement' button at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose your user name and enter it in the first box and then type in your email address. Choose a password and enter that in both the Choose Password and Verify Password boxes, take care that your address is correct or you will not receive the verification message that you need to activate your registration. Also note that the password must be at least 8 characters long and can not contain your user name. There is a blue question mark icon next to the user name box, if you enter your user name and click on this icon it will let you know if the user name is available by the box turning green with a tick mark. The password boxes will turn from pink to green with a tick when you have entered an acceptable password.
  • If you want to receive mail directly from other forum users then put a tick in the Allow users to email me box, otherwise they will not be able to email you and reply to your queries.
  • You then need to complete the verification section by typing in the characters displayed AND entering the validation code which is provided in your welcome message when joining, if you need to get it again you can obtain by emailing [email protected] and you will get an immediate reply with the current code, this is to stop robots accessing and spamming the forum.
  • Click the Register Button.
  • A thank you page will be displayed indicating that your registration has been accepted.
  • Log in using your name and password as you entered when registering. Note that you can choose to log on for a specific time, useful if you share computers and do not want to leave your account open, or use the always stay logged in box so that you do not need to log in each time you visit the site, this is fine if you are the sole user of your computer.
  • To login in future go to the Forum and click on the log in button at the top left of the forum home page and put your user name and password into the boxes presented, if you selected always stay logged in you will not have to log in each time.
  • IMPORTANT If you are a full society member then don't forget to upgrade your membership to see the member only parts of the forum. You will be automatically upgraded when you log in to the main website member page using the code provided when you join. Once you are logged in to the Forum as a member you will get automatic access to the members page and  other facilities on the main website.

Please note that Forum registrations will be limited to 3 posts unless you are a member of the Society when there is no limit. As an anti spam measure you will have to go through another validation process the first time you post to the forum or for the first personal message you send, you only have to do this once and it is not required for subsequent posting.

If you have any difficulties then please mail the administrator at [email protected]

I hope you enjoy the Forum facilities.
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