New operation method for non members of the society. Please note that non-members of the Society are now limited to no more than 10 posts. If you are a member and come across this restriction it is possible you have not upgraded your account to full member status. If you are not a member and would like to continue to post on the Forum then you may wish to consider joining, it is only 10 a year and as well as the Forum and additional facilities on the website you will get the newsletter four times a year.

Guest Use of the Forum
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July 24, 2011, 03:34:55 PM
The forum has recently been modified and this will restrict the areas that Guests can see. If you are seeing this part of the forum then you are not logged in as a user.

Registration to use the Forum is free of charge, this will get you access to the main sections of the forum and will allow you limited posts in some areas but not all. Full members of Cumbria Family History Society can upgrade memberhip on the forum so they can view and post in the member only areas.

To Register simply click on the Register link in the menu at the top left of the main Forum page and follow the instructions.
If you think you are a member and are seeing this part of the forum then it is probable that your membership has been cancelled due to non use.
The policy is to remove any registration where the user has not visited for 6 months unless they are upgaded to full member status and are still fully paid up members of the society. This is necessary to comply with UK privacy laws. You can attempt to recover your password details please see the separate posting in this section regarding how to do this. If this does not work then you will have to register again.
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