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How to recover your lost password
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* July 24, 2011, 03:12:30 PM
To recover your Password.
Go to the main page of the Notice Board and in the main menu bar click on the Login item with the gold padlock next to it. Do not use the light blue Login button at the top left as this only gives a quick login panel.

This will take you to the log in page, underneath the normal place to enter your user name and password you will see a link marked Forgotten Your Password. (Alternatively CLICK HERE to go to the forgotten password page)

Click on this forgotten password link and you will go to a page where you can put in either your user name or your e-mail address and it will send you a mail with your details. NOTE enter EITHER you user name or your address not both.

On this page you can enter either your user name if you can remember it or the e-mail address you used when you subscribed, and click on the send button.

It may take a short while for this message to arrive. In some cases this mail may get diverted to your spam folder, if it does not arrive please check your spam folder before contacting the webmaster. How to check your spam varies but with most ISP's you will have to log on directly on line to their webmail service and check it there.

When this message arrives it will contain a link and details which you can click on to be taken to the site to reset your password. Please note this link only remains valid for 24 hours. Also make sure the link has not been broken on to two line, some mail programs may do this causing the link to break, if that happens you have to type the whole link by hand into your internet browser address line.

If you have any problems then please mail [email protected], a reply will be sent as soon as possible but this may take some time, please note that the webmaster does not have access to anyone's password, so if the effort to retrieve your password fails the account will have to be reset. If you wish the webmaster to reset the account then please put in your message the password you would like to use, otherwise a random password will be used and sent to you.

Passwords can be changed in your PROFILE area which is one of the links in the main MENU BAR towards the top of the forum pages.
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