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Title: Saturday 20 Jan 1816 - BMD
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 Saturday 20 Jan 1816   (p. 3, col. 3-4)

At Arthuret church, on Tuesday the 16th instant, Andrew the eldest son of Mr. Thomas LAMB, of Kirkandrews-on-Esk, in this county, to Miss Jane HETHERINGTON, of Esk Bank, Longtown.
At Penrith, on the 15th inst. Mr. Isaac ROBERTSHAW, to Miss Jane FILINGHAM, both of Penrith.
At Whitehaven, Mr. Joseph ION, to Miss Mary FARISH.
At Egremont, Mr. John CARRUTHERS, to Miss H. SALKELD.
At Dumfries, on Monday last, Mr. William AITKEN, brassfounder, to Miss Anne ALLAN, of Kirkham, Lancashire.

On Thursday last, in Caldewgate, Mary the daughter of Mr. William LOSH, aged 17.
At Blackhall, on Sunday, the 14th Mrs. Mary TEASDALE, aged 32, after a very long and painful illness.
At Penrith, on Thursday last, William RICHARDSON, of Carlisle, coachman in the employ of Messrs. WILSON & Co. of this city. He complained in the morning, after breakfast, of not being very well, and laid himself down upon a bed till the Lord Nelson, London post-coach, should arrive, of which he was the driver. On being told the coach had arrived, he got up and observed he was better again; Mrs. SCOTT, the landlady of the house where he lodged, said, she would get him something warm before he set out, as the weather was stormy, to which he assented. During the interval, he was preparing himself for his journey, and was in the act of putting on his top coat, when he fell down upon the floor a lifeless corpse! He was a man well respected by all who knew him. His age was 72.
On Friday se'nnight at Penrith, William PARKER, aged 59, journeyman hatter. He went to his work as usual on Friday morning, and about 10 o'clock was suddenly taken with giddiness in the head, and before he had repeated, that he found himself unwell, he fell down and instantly expired.
On Saturday last, at Brampton, much respected, Mr. David LATIMER, carpenter, aged 51.
At Whitehaven:—Mr. Charles HALLOWAY, flax-dresser.—Mrs. ROWE, widow, aged 81.
Tuesday last, at Toes, in Lamplugh, near Whitehaven, Mr. Jacob DIXON, a very respectable inhabitant of that place, who had nearly reached his hundredth year.
Mr. Henry TELFOR, farmer, at Crobenshill, in the parish of Bewcastle, aged 41. He had just finished shaving himself, when he dropped down and instantly expired.
At Maryport, Miss Margaret WALLACE, aged 38, daughter of Mr. William WALLACE.
At Dumfries, on Wednesday last, Mrs. E. THRESHIE, wife of Mr. John THRESHIE, surgeon.
At Dumfries:—On Wednesday last, after a long illness, Samuel BROWN, son of Mr. BROWN, grocer.—On Tuesday last, in King-street, Mr. Joseph IRVING, at an advanced age.
Lately, in Hampshire, in her 46th year, Mary, eldest daughter of the late Anthony BENN, Esq. of Hensingham, near Whitehaven.
At Dissington, Mrs. Tamer WHIN, widow, in the 72nd year of her age.
At Newhouses, Whitehaven, Mr. James JOHNSON, weaver, in the 77th year of his age.
At Douglas, Isle of Man, Richard SYMONDS, Esq. at an advanced age.
Saturday se'nnight, at Peeletown, Isle of Man, Miss THOMAS, daughter of the late Dr. THOMAS, of that place.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives