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Saturday 28 Jun 1823 - BMD
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 Saturday 28 Jun 1823   (p. 3, col. 6)

At Whitehaven, Mr. W. BARNES, grocer, (son of the late Rev. John BARNES, of St. Bees) to Mary, daughter of Mr. BIRD, of the Golden Lion inn, in that town.
At Cockermouth, Mr. SMITHSON, grocer, to Miss Mary HARDEN.
At Crosscannoby, on Saturday last, Mr. D. MITCHELL, of Ellen Grove, to Miss HUDDLESTON, of Maryport.
At Crosthwaite Church, Mr. John RENWICK, of Stair, in Newlands, to Miss CLARK, of Keswick.—Same place, on Saturday last, Mr. John DAVIS [sic - should be DOVER], of Newlands, to Miss Jane MAWSON.
At Appleby, on Monday last, Capt. HOLMES, of the Royal Westmorland Militia, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. WRIGHT, of the same place.
A few days ago, at Appleby,  Joseph LIDDERDALE, Esq. to Miss LADDLER. [Correction in the following week’s paper: Thomas LIDDERDALE, Esq. to Miss SADLER.]
At Gretna Green, Mr. Robert ATKINSON, painter, to Miss Jane FISHER, both of Kendal.

At Wigton, Mr. Robert ISMAY, aged 19.
At St. Bees, aged 73, Mrs. SMITH.
At Cockermouth, Mr. Richard SMITH, aged 71 years; a gentleman much respected and beloved.
At Fell Dyke, parish of Lamplugh, Mrs. Sarah PEARSON, in her 51st year.
At Flimby, near Maryport, in the 84th year of her age, Mrs. Margaret WILKINSON, relict of the late Capt. Musgrave WILKINSON, of the Leopard, of Workington.
On the 16th instant, at Kendal, Mr. George HELLING, master shoemaker, aged 34.
At Hale, near Milnthorpe, of apoplexy, Mr. Thos. WILKINSON, aged 66, formerly of Killington Hall.
At Sedbergh, Miss Mary COLLINSON, aged 42, one of the Society of Friends.
On Monday week, at his seat, Quernmore Park, near Lancaster, in the 64th year of his age, Charles GIBSON, Esq. Mr. G. was one of the Deputy-Lieutenants for the County of Lancaster, formerly Lieutenant-Colonel of the Lancaster Volunteers: and served the Office of Sheriff for the County in the year 1790.
At Dumfries, Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Leonard SMITH, of Stepford.
At Wimbledon, on the 19th inst. S. C. SOMERVILLE, Esq. W. S. Edinburgh, and of Low Wood, Roxburghshire, 2nd son of the Rev. Dr. SOMERVILLE, of Jedburgh.
At his house in London, Wm. GORDON, Esq. of Campbell Town, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.
On the 19th inst. aged 17, Wm. Frederick, youngest son of Francis GREGG, Esq. of Skinners Hall, London.
At his house in Poland-street, St. James's, London, aged 38, John Wm. NEWBY, Esq. an eminent surgeon and apothecary, greatly respected. A slight scratch or a pimple on the thumb, received in dissecting the body of an infant that had died of mortification of the bowels, produced violent inflammation in the arm and side, with consequent fever and delirium, which terminated fatally after an illness of ten days.
At Windsor, Nova Scotia, Sarah, wife of the Rev. John SPROTT, and youngest daughter of the late John CRAIK, Esq. Willow-hill. This amiable woman was gifted with mental powers of a high order, which were cultivated by reflection, and polished by intercourse with the world.
At Northallerton, a few days ago, in the workhouse, Ruth GORDON (commonly called the Duchess of Gordon) aged 92; about 20 of which she passed in gaols.
Saturday 28 Jun 1823   (p. 4, col. 6)
MARRIED.—On Thursday, at St. Mary's church, in this city, Mr. Thomas DIXON, rope-maker, of Newtown, aged 78 years, to Mrs. Ann STRICKLAND, aged 65.
DIED.—On Sunday, at the house of his mother in English-street, aged 24, Mr. John DAVIDSON, son of Mrs. M. DAVIDSON, of the Cross-Keys, much esteemed.
Since our last, Mr. Andrew KING, of Shaddongate, aged 19.—Miss Ann DIXON, of Newtown, aged 22.—Miss Jane WILKIE, dress-maker, of Scotch-st., aged 32.
Yesterday morning, suddenly, at Easton, Mr. C. WATSON, aged 74.
At Penruddock, on the 20th inst., Mrs. Ann NIXON, widow of the late Mr. J. NIXON, of that place, aged 87.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives
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