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Saturday 28 Jun 1823 - Local News
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 Saturday 28 Jun 1823   (p. 4, col. 3-4 + 6)

The statement of the time of opening the respective Commissions on the Northern Circuit, published in our last number, was inaccurate. The following is correct—
SUMMER ASSIZES—NORTHERN CIRCUIT.—Before Mr. Justice Bayley and Mr. Justice Holroyd.
YORK COUNTY—Saturday, July 12, at York.
YORK CITY—Same day, at York.
DURHAM—Saturday, July 16, at Durham.
NEWCASTLE—Wednesday, July 30, at Newcastle.
CARLISLE—Tuesday, August 5, at Carlisle.
WESTMORLAND—Saturday, Aug. 9, at Appleby.
LANCASTER COUNTY AND TOWN—Wednesday, August 13, at Lancaster.
Commission signed by the Lord Lieutenant. T. BLAMIRE, Esq. to be Deputy-Lieutenant of the County of Cumberland. Dated May 16, 1823.
In another part of our paper may be seen an advertisement of HODGSON's Map of Westmorland; and when it is considered that Mr. HODGSON is surveying the county with the accuracy of the chain, and that his map, is upon a larger scale than any other, we can have no hesitation in saying that it will transcend every other of the same county, either for elegance, minuteness, or general utility. We are assured that the manner of its execution will be such as to render it a lasting specimen of ability and science. The spirited manner in which Mr. HODGSON is conducting this great work entitles him to the patronage of every one wishful of encouraging sterling merit. We are also assured that the most eminent artists will be employed in the engraving department.
The past week gave birth to much vicissitude of weather—cold winds, frosty nights, some fine rain, several smart hail storms, but very little sun-shine. On Tuesday the 24th inst., one of the Mail-guards informs us, Stainmoor was as white as a sheet for two or three hours, with hail; but on Thursday and yesterday the temperatures increased considerably; and we yet live in hopes that summer has not deserted us.
The midsummer quarter Sessions for Cumberland, it will be seen, commence in this City on the 15th July.
The Rev. W. S. PRESTON, A. M., of Startforth Vicarage, and Warcop Hall, in the county of Westmorland, has been instituted, by the Lord Bishop of Carlisle, to the Rectory of Bowness, in this diocese, on the presentation of the Earl of Lonsdale.
Herrings were sold in Carlisle on Monday and Tuesday, from 14 to 24 for Sixpence. The supply has been ample during the week; but since Monday, the quantity caught in the Solway has declined. A portion of the shoal came up as high as Rockliff.
A part of a washing of clothes, bleaching in a field near the Caldew, was yesterday caught up by a current of air, or whirlwind, carried across that river, and deposited in Mr. DIXON's garden.
On Wednesday evening last, at six o'clock, Wm. RUSSEL started on Harris-Moor, near Whitehaven, to walk 150 miles in 48 hours. This was the celebrated WILSON's task, but in which he failed. RUSSEL completed 109 miles at six o'clock on Friday (yesterday) morning. The ground is in good condition, and every attention is paid to the comforts of the pedestrian. Mr. RUSSEL is a respectable butcher in Whitehaven, and the knights of the cleaver are very sanguine of his success.
Lord LOWTHER presented a petition from Penrith, on Monday, against negro slavery.
A detachment of the 65th foot marched into our Castle, from Chester, on Monday last, to do garrison duty.
In the House of Commons, on the 18th, Mr. CURWEN presented a petition from certain merchants and ship-owners of Whitehaven, complaining of great inconvenience, in consequence of the frequent detention of vessels having on board small articles not entered in their manifest. Such articles were introduced clandestinely by the sailors, and without any knowledge on the part of the owners. They prayed that this evil might be remedied. The Hon. Member suggested that a remedy might be found in making it a forfeiture of wages on the part of the sailors who were proved to be guilty of the clandestine introduction of goods, and not visit on the owners, who were innocent; and in order not to detain vessels, a bond might be taken to abide the result.—The Chancellor of the Exchequer said, in reply, that he would give the matter his best consideration, and if he should find that the suggestion of the Honourable Member could be adopted without injury to the revenue, it should be adopted.
On Wednesday se'nnight, an inquest was held in Whitehaven, before Peter HODGSON, Esq. Coroner, on the bodies of Robert SCOTT, mason, and James ANDERSON, labourer, who were unfortunately killed in James coal-pit, by the fall of an arch which they had just erected, having neglected to secure the ends of it as directed. Mr. EILBECK, mason, narrowly escaped.—Verdict, accidental death.
A Bridge is to be erected over the burn, or stream, below Dornock, in order to render the road from that village to the Solway Frith safe and commodious at all seasons. The road itself was widened and repaired, last year, at a considerable expense; and as its termination is directly opposite the entrance of the Carlisle Canal, and one of the best guides in the whole Frith resides at Dornock Brow, within pistol-shot of both the sand and the road, the public advantage of this measure is evident.
On Sunday last, the beautiful new church of Kirkmahoe, built in the Gothic style, was opened.
The Hon. Edward LASCELLES will lead to the hymeneal altar, in a few days, the Lady Isabella THYNNE, daughter of the Marquis of Bath.
The Eden, LITTLE, from Carlisle, arrived at Liverpool, on the 23rd instant.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives