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Saturday 21 Jun 1823 - BMD
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 Saturday 21 Jun 1823   (p. 4, col. 6)

At St. Cuthbert's Church, in this city, on Monday last, Mr. Morris KNOWLES, to Miss Ann BROWN.
At Brampton, Mr. Bryan BURN, of Newcastle, to Sarah, fourth daughter of Mr. HALLIBURTON, surgeon.
At Penrith, on Tuesday last, Mr. John KNUBLEY, of Armathwaite, to Miss Hannah BELLAS, of Penrith.
At Clifton, in Warwickshire, John Charles BURKLEY, Esq. of Upper Halliford, Middlesex, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. YARKER, of Appleby.
At Annan, on Wednesday the 11th curt. Mr. John PATTERSON, Corrielaw, to Miss A. CARRUTHERS, Hairgills.
At Nether Hazlefield, parish of Rerwick, on the 10th inst., James HENRY, Esq. of Auchenleck, to Miss Ann KIRKPATRICK, of that place.
At Castletown, Isle of Man, by special licence, R. S. MELLIN, Esq. to Jane, eldest daughter of the Hon. Capt. Richard MULLINS, and granddaugter [sic] of the Rt. Hon. Lord Veatry [sic – should be Lord Ventry], Burnham House, Kerry, Ireland.—At Kk. Braddan, Mr. Robert CANNON, to Miss GELLING.

At Irthington, near this City, on Friday the 13th inst., Mr. Robert BOWMAN, yeoman, at the extreme age of 118 years.—See p. 3 for a variety of interesting particulars relative to the life and death of this extraordinary old man.
On Monday last, in the Market-place, in this City, Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 67 years.
On Thursday the 19th inst. at Stanwix, in the prime of life, Mr. William BLAYLOCK, for several years in the warehouse of Messrs. John HEWSON and Sons, manufacturers in this city; esteemed by his employers, beloved by his friends, and respected by all who knew him.
At Wigton, on Thursday the 19th inst., Mr. Robt. ISMAY, aged 19.
At Penrith, on Wednesday last, Ann, daughter of Mr. Robert SCOTT, Townhead, aged 13.
At Kirkoswald, on the 8th inst., in the 51st year of her age, Eliza, the wife of Charles Smallwood FEATHERSTONHAUGH, Esq. A lady whose memory will long be held in veneration by her friends and the poor.
On the 9th instant, at Maryport, Captain Joseph TWENTYMAN, formerly of the Experiment, aged 72; and within a few hours, at the same place, Mr. John TWENTYMAN, tobacconist, his brother.
On the 1st inst., at Laversdale, Cumberland, Mrs. GREEN, of Park-house.
At Stainburn, near Workington, Mrs. Sarah FEARON, aged 59. At Harrington, Mrs. Jane GADDES, aged 72.
On the 8th instant, at Workington, Mrs. Bridget STEEL, aged 80.
On the 7th inst. John, son of Mr. Thomas SCARR, of Kendal, aged 17.
At sea, of cholera-morbus, near Bombay, on the 15th of January last, Mr. Edw. BERRY, fourth son of Wm. BERRY, Esq. of Ashmeadow House, Westmorland, aged 25; 2nd officer of the East India ship Columbia.
On the 10th instant, at Kirkby-Stephen, Mr. Wm. HALL, aged 89.—Same day and place, Mary, the wife of Mr. John BORADALE.
On the 6th inst., at the Ducket, Allendale, aged 29, Mr. William DIXON.—On the 7th inst., at Birk Holt, Allendale, suddenly, Mrs. Ann HENDERSON, aged 49.—Same day, at Allendale Town, Mrs. MORROW, aged 92.
At Dumfries, on the 13th inst., Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. John BRYDEN, wine-merchant.
At Castlehill, in the parish of Tundergarth on the 11th, Thomas JOHNSTONE, in the 97th year of his age.
On the 13th inst. at his seat in Hertfordshire, the Marquis of Salisbury, in his 75th year.
In Upper Grosvenor street, the Countess de Dunstanville.—At Waterford, Lieut.-General Wm. DOYLE.
In Douglas, Isle of Man, aged 34, Mrs. HEELIS, daughter of Geo. RICE, Esq. of Wigan, Lancashire.—Same place, suddenly, aged 60, the Rev. Mr. WATSON, many years a Minister of the Church of Scotland.
On the 5th inst., at Calais, in the 29th year of his age, on his return from the Continent, whither he had gone for the recovery of his health, Henry FORSTER, Esq. barrister-at-law, a student of Christ Church, Oxford, and commissioner of bankrupts; and eldest son of the late Joseph FORSTER, of Seatonburn, in the county of Northumberland, Esq.
Of a jungle fever, on the 17th of October last, at Korga, a village on the road to Dinagepore, whither he was proceeding for change of air, attended by the medical officer of the corps, Brevet Captain George PRESTON, 1st batt. 9th regiment Bengal Native Infantry, and acting Adjutant of the Rungpore local battalion. He was the second son of the late W. S. PRESTON, Esq. of Warcop Hall, in the county of Westmorland, where he had spent the earlier part of his days.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives