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Saturday 07 Dec 1816 - Cumberland Game Duty
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* January 30, 2023, 12:12:31 PM
 Saturday 07 Dec 1816   (p. 1, col. 2-3)

THE Names and Places of Abode of Persons to whom Game Certificates have been granted for the Year 1816, (between the 6th OCTOBER and the 6th DECEMBER,) in the County of Cumberland. Published by Order of His Majesty's Commissioners for the affairs of Taxes.
                                                                                   MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary.
       List I. At 3 : 13 : 6 each.
ALLISON, John, Penrith.
ADDISON, Henry, Ditto.
BIRRELL, James, Old Gretna, N. B.
BOWMAN, John, Warwick Bridge.
BANKS, John, Keswick.
BENSON, Robert, Cockermouth.
BUSHBY, The Rev. Austin, Greystoke.
BROWNRIGG, John, (Gills) Matterdale.
BUCHANAN, John, Penrith.
BELL, Joseph, Lazonby.
COOKE, Henry, Egremont.
DIXON, J. M., Carlisle.
DIXON, Peter, Warwick Bridge.
FISHER, William, Winscales.
FALCON, Thomas, Workington.
GRAHAM, John, Esq. Lowhouse.
HENRY, Joseph, Carlisle.
HUTCHINSON, Ralph, Aldby.
HALL, Joseph, Esq., Gamblesby.
HINDSON, John, Esq., Penrith.
HORNSBY, William, Ditto.
HUNTER, The Rev. Richard, Edenhall.
JEFFERSON, John, jun., Waverton.
JACKSON, Thomas, Melo House.
JACKSON, John, Netherwasdale.
LEWTHWAITE, W., Esq., Thwaites.
MEIN, Poultney, Esq., Forge Lodge, N. B.
M'KENZIE, Arthur, Workington.
MACHELL, John, Esq., Low Plains.
PERCEVAL, John, Penrith.
POOLE, John, Papcastle.
ROBINSON, Thomas, Ullock.
STEEL, George, Wetheral.
SKELTON, William, Skinburness.
SEWELL, The Rev. William, Lorton.
TAYLOR, John, Esq., Greenwich.
THOMPSON, George, Walby.
TOWERSON, John, Egremont.
WASTELL, Thomas, Carlisle.
WISHART, George, Kirkcudbright.
WILKINSON, Thomas, Skinburness.
WOOD, Thomas, Ullock.
WHITESIDE, Richard, Sandwith.
                             List II. Gamekeepers' Certificates at 1 : 5 : 0 each.
Gamekeeper's Name.           Name of Manor or Royalty.               By whom appointed.
BIRBECK, George,...... Dacre and Dalemain, in the County of    }
                                         Cumberland, and the Barony of Bar-  } Edward HASELL, Esq.
                                         ton in the County of Westmorland.     }
WATT, David,.............. Ermathwaite........................................... Mrs. Elizabeth BAMBER.
                             List III. Gamekeepers' Certificates at 3 : 13 : 6 each.
Gamekeeper's Name.           Name of Manor or Royalty.               By whom appointed.
BERRY, Thomas,......... Ainstable, in the County of Cumberland.....The Earl of Carlisle.
CARRUTHERS, John,.. Kingmoor, in the County of                       { The Mayor, Aldermen,
                                         Cumberland........................................  { Bailiffs and Citizens of the
                                                                                                      { City of Carlisle.
WALLACE, Thomas,.... Oulton, Dockwray, and Moorhouse in      }
                                         the County of Cumberland.................  } John TAYLOR, Esq.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives