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Saturday 16 Nov 1816 - BMD
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 Saturday 16 Nov 1816   (p. 3, col. 4-5)

At Stanwix, on Thursday, by the Rev. Mr. HUDSON, Mr. Joseph IRVING, grocer, Scotch Street, to Miss LUZMORE, of Stanwix, eldest daughter of Mr. LUZMORE, architect.
On Saturday last, at St. Cuthbert's, in this City, William KERR, of the parish of Kirkandrews-upon-Esk, to Mary DOBINSON, of Carlisle.—Same place, on Sunday, Joseph EMBERTON, to Mary ANDERSON.—On Tuesday, James BOUSTEAD, to Ann NANSON.—On Thursday, Samuel BATY, to Jane MATTHEWS.—Same day, James WAITE, of the parish of Wetheral, to Ann HETHERINGTON.
At St. Mary's, in this city, on the 9th inst. William LAZONBY, of the parish of Stapleton, to Mary THOMPSON, of the Hamlet of Middlesceugh.—On the 10th, Wm. BENKIN, to Mary HODGSON.—Same day, Walter CARRUTHERS, to Margaret BARTLEY.—On the 11th, Thomas BOYD, to Mary COWEN.—Same day, John SCOON, to Ann KNIGHT, both of the hamlet of Wreay.—On the 12th, Robert HODGSON, to Bridget PORTER.
At Penrith, on Saturday last, Mr. William HARRISON, of Dacre, to Miss Margaret WHITE, of the former place.—At Barton, near Penrith, same day, Mr. John GRAHAM, of Penrith, to Miss Eliz. TURNBULL, of Barton.—At Penrith, on Tuesday, Mr. Joseph HINDSON, to Miss Jane RAILTON.
At St. Nicholas's, Whitehaven, by the Rev. A. HUDLESTON, A. M., Mr. CLEMENTSON, painter, to Miss WILSON.
At Trinity, Whitehaven, by the Rev. T. HARRISON, A. M., Mr. W. BROWN, to Miss Mary M'FADEN.—Mr. R. WATSON, to Mis [sic] Jane NICHOLSON.—Mr. J. RICHARDSON, to Mrs. Frances MAWSON.—Mr. Wm. PEARSON, to Miss E. GRAHAM.
At St. James's, Whitehaven, by the Rev. R. ARMITSTEAD, A. M., Mr. William LITT, of Galemire, to Miss MOSSOP, of Hensingham.
At Egremont, Mr. Isaac BARRASS, of Hagget End, to Miss Jane SEWELL, of Egremont.
At Burneside, near Kendal, the Rev. Mr. ROBINSON, schoolmaster, to Miss Agnes DODD, second daughter of the Rev. Mr. DODD, both of Burneside.
On the 5th current, Robert SHUTTLEWORTH, of Gawthorpe Hall, in the county of Lancaster, Esq. to Janet, eldest daughter of Sir John MARJORIBANKS, of Lees, Baronet, M. P.
At Clarence Cottage, Dumfries-shire, on the 4th current, James REID, Esq. W. S. to Mary, second daughter of the late Capt. Richard Johnston WAUGH.
At Moffat, lately, Mr. Joseph CAIRN, of Harrington, to Marian, 4th daughter of Alexander CRAIG, Esq. Burnbraes.

[to be continued]

Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives


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On Thursday last, in this city, much and deservedly respected through life, Robert FERGUSON, Esq. aged 60.
Yesterday morning, in Castle-street, in this city, Mr. Thomas CARLYLE, at the advanced age of 83 years. Mr. CARLYLE was not only well known to all ranks of people in the neighbourhood, but he has been noticed with honor in many of the best publications of the day as possessing no common genius in the decorative arts. In Storer's Antiquities we find the following mention of him. Speaking of the judicious alterations made in the choir of our venerable cathedral, about the year 1765, the author observes,—"An operative artist, (Mr. Thomas CARLYLE,) of singular abilities, was employed, who finished the bishop's throne, pulpit, altar-piece, screens, and pews, nearly all with his own hands; but with a design furnished by the Bishop's nephew, (Thomas PITT, Lord Camelford,) from which he could not safely depart, the suggestions of his own fertile imagination were fettered; yet, notwithstanding all the drawbacks, his work remains a rare instance of ingenuity and expertness." We can pay no better compliment than this to his abilities. His works will perpetuate his name when thousands of his contemporaries are forgotten.
On Thursday evening last, in Caldewgate, John GILBERTSON, at an advanced age.
At Rockliff, on Sunday last, Ann NIXON, aged 93.
On the 6th inst. at Urswick, near Ulverston, aged 31, Mrs. SMITH, wife of Richard SMITH, Esq.
On Saturday, the 2nd inst. at Well Field House, in the parish of Castle Sowerby, Mary, wife of Walter HETHERINGTON, after a short and painful illness, aged 42.
Friday se'nnight, in Lowther-street, Whitehaven, Mrs. WILSON, aged 74, relict of Thomas WILSON, Esq. officer in the Customs, at that port.
At Workington, suddenly, Mr. John HARPER, in the prime of life.
On Sunday se'nnight, the Rev. Henry DODD, Curate of Burneside, aged 56.
Lately, at Hawkshead, Mr. William NOBLE, much and deservedly respected.
At Appleby, on Sunday last, Elizabeth BIRBECK, aged 60.
A few days ago, the Rev. J. PENNY, vicar of the parish of Preston.
At Liverpool, in the 64th year of his age, Edward BUCKLEY, Esq. of Beaumond Hall, near Lancaster, one of the Deputy Lieutenants for the county.
At Barnsoul, on Saturday last, aged 70, Mr. James MORRINE, farmer.
At Dumfries, on Tuesday se'nnight, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mr. James BLOUNT, late farmer in Greenhead, parish of Carlaverock, aged 60.—Same place on Friday last, Mrs. Grace DOUGLAS, wife of Mr. John BAILIEFF, sen. hatter.
At Kirkcudbright, on the 8th inst. after a long illness, Mr. John CARSON, mariner, at an advanced age.
At Ancrum-house, on the 29th ult. the infant son of Sir Alexander DON, Bart.
September 26, Mr. Alderman COLDHAM, of Nottingham. Little more than twelve months ago, he lost his brother; his mother died shortly after; a few months since two of his daughters were committed in the same day to the same grave; and now, by his own decease, he has left a family of female orphans awfully bereaved, within the short space of 13 months, of an uncle, a grandmother, two sisters and a father.
On Sunday last, at her house in Harley-street, London, in the 75th year of her age, Mary, the widow of Sir Robert D'Arcy HILDYARD, Bart. of Sedbury and Winstead, in the county of York, and daughter of the late Sir Edward DERING, Bart. of Smeden Dering, in the county of Kent.
On the 25th ult. at the vicarage-house, at Mendlesham, in Suffolk, aged 53, the Rev. Richard Corbold CHILTON. He was formerly of Sidney College. While an undergraduate, he was the author of a little tract, well known in its day, called Ten Minutes Advice to Freshmen, and of the prints, College Fagging, Lecture Room Attention, and The Master of Arts. He was an excellent parish priest, and a man of enlarged benevolence. His pedestrian powers were extraordinary, but he fell a victim in pushing them too far.
In Douglas, Isle of Man, aged 56, Mrs. Jane SHAW, relict of Mr. Joseph SHAW, formerly a respectable merchant in Douglas.—Same place, in the bloom of life, and after a long and painful indisposition supported with patience and piety, Miss Isabella CORLETT, aged 15, daughter of Mr. Thomas CORLETT, ironmonger, Douglas.
Last week, at Teddesley, Staffordshire, the Marchioness of Wellesley. Her Ladyship was Hyacinthe Gabrielle, only daughter of Pierre ROLAND, and was born in France. She was married to the Marquis, Nov. 29, 1794, and has left two daughters, one of whom was married a few years since. Her Ladyship had a separate income of £4500 a-year, which now reverts to the Marquis.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives