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14th January 2023 Secrets of the 1921 Scottish Census ZOOM
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December 04, 2022, 02:49:52 PM
Following printed as received :


There was great excitement this week when the National Records of Scotland released the 1921 census. This window into the past will be a starting point for many as they delve into their Scottish family history.

We’re delighted to announce that Tessa Spencer, Head of Outreach and Learning at the National Records of Scotland, will join us at our next conference on 14 January 2023 to present ‘Secrets of the 1921 Scottish Census’.

This is a free and time-zone-friendly event. We show all presentations between 7 am UK time and 3 pm UK time, then we start again and show all presentations again between 3 pm and 11 pm.

As well as Tessa’s fascinating presentations we will be joined by a variety of other experts. Here are some of the other presentations for January:

School Records for the Family Historian’ by Dr. Irene O'Brien, archivist in Glasgow City Archives

'Cracking the Code: deciphering old Scottish handwriting' by Margaret Fox, Archivist at Traquair House

“The Scotch Colony” of New Kincardineshire (From Kincardineshire to New Kincardineshire 1873) by genealogist Lorraine Stewart

'The Real Brigadoon Villages' by Andrew Armstrong, genealogist at

Of course, there will also be the regular Scottish genealogy Q&A sessions hosted by Graham and Emma Maxwell.

The Scottish Indexes Conference is free on Zoom and Facebook.

John Steel
Webmaster for CFHS