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Saturday 21 Sep 1816 - Local News
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 Saturday 21 Sep 1816   (p. 3, col. 3-5)
Our Sporting Readers will observe, that a prize for a Foot-race is offered, to be run on the race-ground at our approaching Meeting.—Vide Advt.
In our last page we have presented our readers with the particulars of the strange disappearance of an Irishman named M'GORRIN. By reference to a preceding column, an advertisement will be found, offering a reward for the apprehension of HARKNESS, who has absconded.
During the present week we have had fine weather for ripening the corn, and we are happy to add, that there is every prospect of its continuance. Should this be the case, harvest will become general in Cumberland, in about ten days, but many farmers have already begun to cut; we hope not, but we fear, too soon. In our market on Saturday last, in consequence of the then unseasonable state of the weather, wheat advanced from 8s. to 10s. per Carlisle bushel (three Winchester), and other grain got up in proportion. The present fine weather, in a great degree, dissipates those fears which naturally fill the public mind on such occasions, and to-day, a corresponding decrease in price is expected.
We are informed that day labourers have been hired at our Market Cross, several mornings during the week, at the low wages of fourteen pence per day, without victuals.
On Monday night last, an attempt was made to break into the house of Arthur GRAHAM, of Caldewgate. The robbers cut out a pane of a back window, and attempted to take off the fastening, but in doing which, they were fortunately heard by GRAHAM's daughter who gave the alarm to her parents, and the robbers fled.—Another house was attempted at a short distance from the above, supposed to have been by the same party.
On Wednesday night, the 11th inst., being Brampton Fair, a lodging-room in the house of Ann WINTROP, of Brampton, innkeeper, where her children sleep, was entered by some person or persons unknown, who feloniously stole and took away all the clothes of her children and some other articles. A part of these clothes was found in the house of Thomas M'GUN, Jollie's Buildings, tailor, who, however, proved to the satisfaction of the Magistrate that his wife had purchased the same of two women, who came to his house about one o'clock in the afternoon of Thursday the 12th. In making further search after these articles, a part of the surplice which had been stolen from St. Cuthbert's Church in June last, was found in the house of Francis M'KENNA, weaver, of Caldewgate, who was apprehended in consequence, and M'KENNA has since been committed to our gaol by Dr. HEYSHAM, after a full investigation, charged with breaking into the Vestry-room of St. Cuthbert's Church in this city, on the night of the 22nd June last, and feloniously stealing thereout a surplice, towels, &c. M'KENNA has not long been liberated from gaol where he was confined for a participation in the robbery of Mr. STUBB's warehouse.
The body of Mr. Matthias PEAT, of Maryport, was found drowned on the beach near that town, on Wednesday morning last.
The bleach-grounds of Messrs. FERGUSONs, IRWIN, & Co. were robbed on Thursday night last, of some pieces of cambric and calico, supposed by a person who was seen go through the grounds; a reward has been offered for his apprehension.
The first issue of the New Coinage, in the country districts, may be expected in November. We hope this will be the case. In the present state of the (silver) circulating medium there is continual perplexity.—We are sorry to observe that 5s. 6d. Bank tokens are generally refused in this city, unless at 5s., a circumstance calculated to lead to much inconvenience, and very likely, ultimately, to pave the way to the rejection of all Bank tokens.
Last Sunday night, when a numerous congregation was assembled in Michael Street Chapel, Whitehaven, at the Sunday School anniversary, just as the children were rising to sing, the temporary gallery on which they stood gave way, and part of it fell, but happily none of the children were hurt, though much frightened. We are sorry to say that a young lady had her head much bruised by the fall of a plank, as she sat near the place. This circumstance so discomposed the children, that they could not sing in their usual way, and the congregation was informed that the collection would be made next Sunday night, when a proper gallery would be erected, so as to prevent any similar accident.
If the fine weather continues, harvest will be general in Lancashire, Cheshire, Northumberland, and Westmorland, in the course of next week. In the two former counties the wheat has received material injury from the late inclement weather.
It is gratifying to observe, that during this period of depression, and want of employment, the occean [sic] and the rivers are pouring forth their treasures with an abundance that has hardly ever been known. The Salmon fisheries were never more productive; the Pilchard and Herring fisheries are now in most successful prosecution; and thus Providence has opened fresh and inexhaustible sources of industry, food, and wealth, to the countless thousands that line the shores of our sea-girt island.
OLIVER and CARTER.—A great number of amateurs are expected at Carlisle Races, which commence on the 1st of October, to witness the great combat between the above boxers. Great sums are depending upon the issue.—London Paper.
At Carlisle latter Fair, on Thursday last, an unusual number of servants, both men and women, presented themselves for hire. Strong able men were engaged at from 43s. to 48s. per month; women servants obtained rather better wages.—In the Fat Cattle Market there was an excellent shew of fine beasts, and many sheep and lambs; prices stationary, but the sale rather better.—On the Sands there were a great number of lean cattle of all descriptions; sale very dull and prices low. Rather high prices were asked for useful working horses at the commencement of the fair, but they could not be maintained, and many bargains were made on moderate terms. On the whole, things look more lively; the fine weather gave good spirits to all.
Whitehaven, Sept. 17.—Wednesday last, the Cumberland, BARWISE, arrived here from Jamaica, having on board Sir John GORDON and Mr. BROWN with their families.—The same day, the Neptune, GOWAN, of Workington, arrived here from Miramichi.—On Thursday, the Scipio, MADDERS, also arrived from the same place.—And on Friday, the Solway, BENNETT, arrived from Jamaica.—The Lightfoot, M'INTOSH, and the Harmony, ALEXANDER, both belonging to this port, are arrived at Liverpool, from Antigua.—The Seaton, TURNBULL, belonging to Workington, is arrived at Pictou, in 35 days from Liverpool.—The Mary, WILKINSON, belonging to Workington, is arrived at Maryport, from Montreal.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives