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Saturday 14 Sep 1816 - Poem - Farewell to Carlisle
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 Saturday 14 Sep 1816   (p. 4, col. 6)

The following lines were written, and left at the Bush Inn, by a Gentleman who sojourned there during the late Assizes.
          Fare thee well thou ancient city,
          Fare ye well dear girls so pretty,
          Fair and good, and kind as fair,
          Each and all beyond compare!
          At the Bush I have been happy,
          Care was drown'd amongst the nappy!
          Chambermaids so kind and civil,
          Who ne'er wish'd me any evil.
          To the fair I gaily led them,
          And with gaudy ribbons deck'd them.
          Landlord kind and waiters steady,
          to attend me ever ready;
          Wines so good, and viands rare,
          Each and all beyond compare!
          Fare thee well thou ancient city,
          Fare ye well sweet girls and pretty;
          Deep in brandy now I pledge ye,
          Every blessing still attend ye.
          Causes won, or lost, or ended,
          And the Assizes well attended,
          Loth to leave thee sure am I,
          Yet to home I gladly hie.                     M. J.
Bush Inn, August 28, 1816.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives