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Saturday 27 Jan 1816 - BMD
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 Saturday 27 Jan 1816   (p. 3, col. 3-4)

On Monday last, at Crosby-upon-Eden, near this city, of a Son, Mrs. LOWRY, wife of the Rev. Dr. LOWRY, vicar of that parish.
The wife of Mr. James FERGUSON, of Catterick, solicitor, of a son.
At Canterbury, the wife of Major WALLACE, royal artillery, of three girls, who, with their mother are likely to do well.
In Sculcoates, near Hull, the wife of John MURRAY, mariner, of three boys.
At Sunderland, the wife of Mr. Thomas WATERS, sailmaker, of twin sons.
At Prescot, the wife of Stephen HARLOW, a journeyman bricklayer, was safely delivered of three fine girls, all of whom with the mother are doing well.

At St. Mary's, on Sunday last, David DENARD, to Esther ATKINSON.—On Tuesday, John JACKSON, to Sarah BRADLEY.—Same day, Patrick VALLEELL, to Amelia BATY.
On Thursday last, at Warwick, Mr. M'KNIGHT, son of Mr. M'KNIGHT, miller, to Miss Mary WARWICK, both of Warwick.
At Penrith, on Saturday last, Mr. Arthur CLARK, to Miss Catharine BARTON, both of that place.
At Cumwhitton, on the 18th inst., Mr. William BROWN, of the parish of Dacre, in this county, to Anne, third daughter of Mr. Richard LEACH, of Low North-Sceugh, in the parish of Cumwhitton.
On Sunday last, at Rockliff, by the Rev. J. REED, Mr. John HEWITT, of Rockliff, to Miss Eleanor NIXON, daughter of Mr. Robert NIXON, of Fauld, near Rockliff Cross.
At Crosscanonby:—On the 14th inst. Mr. Wm. CASSON, mariner, to Miss Jane ADLEY, both of Maryport.—On the 21st inst. Mr. Wm. CURWEN, mariner, to Miss Eleanor KNIPE, of Birkby.
At Whitehaven, Mr. R. CURWEN, ironmonger, to Mrs. DONALDSON, widow.
Last week, Mr. NELSON, of Annan, to Miss HEWITT, daughter of Mr. James HEWITT, of Cringledyke.
Last week, at Asby, the Rev. W. DOCKER, minister of Bassenthwaite, in this county, to Miss Charlotte HENDERSON, of Asby.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Elizabeth ATKINSON, of Botchergate, aged 32.
Thursday last, at the Damside, parish of St. Cuthbert, Martha, wife of Christopher TOWNLEY, hatter; being the third whose loss he has to bewail in the course of two years.
On Wednesday last, at Penrith, William HOGARTH, a noted cow doctor, aged 55.
At Stainton, aged 52, Samuel SUGARS, gent. He was thought to be the largest man in England, and weighed, with a single wood coffin, 50 stone.
On Sunday last, at Park Gate, in this county, Mr. ANDREW, aged 81 [or 84?].
At Whitehaven, on Tuesday last, Capt. Hugh FLINN, of the Jamaica Packet.
At Little Clifton, Mr. W. BOWMAN, in his 90th year.—At Whitehaven, Mrs. SIMPSON, widow, in her 74th year.—At High Walton, Mrs. MOSSOP, widow.—At Egremont, Mrs. Jane ROBERTS, aged 72.
At Dumfries, last week, Mrs. Margaret THRESHIE, wife of Mr. John THRESHIE, surgeon, much esteemed during her life, and regretted at her death.
In London, on the 8th inst., in his seventeenth year, Mr. John ROBERTS, son of the late Mr. Joseph ROBERTS, formerly of Dumfries.
On the 9th inst., in the 59th year of his age, Mr. Jonathan ROBINSON, for upwards of 35 years writing master and teacher of the mathematics in Kendal.
At Liverpool, in the 75th year of his age, after a short illness, and greatly respected, Mr. Thomas BILLINGE, proprietor of the Liverpool Advertiser.
At Lancaster, aged 80, Mr. William JEPSON, a valued and venerable member of the Society of Friends, amongst whom he was for a long series of years an eminent minister.
At Newcastle, on Saturday last, Thomas JAMES, Esq. much lamented.
Last week, in Bath, aged ninety-five, the celebrated Dr. HARINGTON. Our musical readers will recognize him as a catch and glee writer, and our literary readers as the editor of the Nugæ Antiquæ. He also published some geometrical demonstrations.
At Weilbourg, the Prince of Nassau Weilbourg, in an apoplectic fit—at an advanced age.
At his house, Picadilly Terrace, Sir Drummond SMITH, Bart.
On Monday the 8th inst., at the house of his brother in New Hutton, Richard PARRINGTON, at the advanced age of 91 years. He had lived as husbandman in the employment of one family near 50 years, but had long retired upon a handsome competency, the fruit of long service and habitual thrift.
At Summercoats, in Derbyshire, aged 102, Sarah HOLLINGSWORTH.
At Roadside, near Laurieston, John MURRAY, aged 100. He was born at Kirrymuir, on the same day of the same month, (allowing for the alteration of style), either in 1814 or 1715.
Reproduced with kind permission of British Newspaper Archives