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Research pre 1538
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* November 10, 2021, 06:42:58 PM


I'm a new boy here so Hi to you all!

I was bitten by the genealogy bug shortly after 2000 when too many of our family stories were exactly 'stories' and I imagine most of them were because of the military side from Bamburgh, who were quite famous over the last hundred years or so.

Once I started to get involved  I was very surprised to find my uncommon surname was very common in Cumbria. I hope to find out as much as possible and I do hope this is the right area to be in.

Quentin Younghusband.


* November 11, 2021, 02:59:39 AM
Welcome to the Forum, Quentin!

Which YOUNGHUSBANDs are you looking for, and what do you need help with?


* November 12, 2021, 03:23:07 PM
Hi Petra,

Thanks for replying and I hope I don't bore everyone. So I guess a list of dates  would be good to start with...
Quentin 1958
 Derek    1925-1983
 Jimmy   1887-1973
 Lewis    1856-1892 Rev[b at sea ]
 Joseph  1815-1888 Master Mariner [Liverpool]
 Joseph  1793-1884 Master Mariner[ Capt m. Mary Brockett Widow, at her parents Black Swan Hotel  Adelaide 1848.      Saxilby                               
 Joseph  1764-1828 [Clare Cambridge ,Vicar Saxilby and Crowle Lincolnshire]      Allonby
 William  c1715*-1793 Move from Aspatria and buy Ship Inn Allonby. Not sure due to distance, inheritance maybe .Aspatria.
 William  1692-1747 [ Millbeck Wollen manufacture] I struggle here. There was a Sarah paid a fortune from sale of shares in Mill Asp.
 Francis  1666-1709 [ William 1692. Margaret 1693. John 1694. Mary 1697. Francis 1698. Sarah 1701.] Aspatria
 William  1624-1693 [ Dovenby Mill] Aspatria
 John    c1584-1644 [ Anthony c1580, Elizabeth c1582, William c1590, Richard c1594 ] I think these all Aspatria
 William  c1552-1602 m Janet c1556-1604* Probate     Aspatria                                                                               
 Richard c1530-1578*  Probate 1578* { b Torpenhow d Plumbland}
 John  c  1485-1556
Firstly of course the surname helps, but I found a good starting point with Joseph Younghusband 1764-1828  from Church Records which was a huge bonus. He was born at the Ship Inn in Allonby 1764, 1/7 children, and went up to Clare College Cambridge to study theology. I have a fair amount detail when he became a vicar and children etc. Going further back is difficult as I've been using just one or two references.

His son Joseph left for Liverpool in about 1815, where there were a couple of Younghusbands' already, in various jobs in merchant shipping , and insurance. Maybe originally from Whitehaven? Sure it was a distant relation. He gained a Master Mariners ticket and sailed India Singapore Sydney and Adelaide. William Younghusband of Floraville was much better known as a merchant trader, bank Director and the first Governor of South Australia. Died in Rome 1563 from typhus.There was already a Wm Younghusband & Son there so there was a purpose sail to Adelaide as opposed to Sydney.

I hope I have the dates just about right. I would like to get as much detail about what happened in Cumberland, as opposed to later on, with plague poverty border raiding and change of religion all part of the mix it is a wonder that this much has even survived.

 I have a couple of stray items. Elizabeth Younghusband sued a Briscoe[?] over a land dispute in 1558 with her 2 sons Richard and William, I believe they were from Gilcrux so that would interesting as I have a Richard and William as brothers.

1332/3 Cumberland Lay Subsidy 1/15th 1/10th William John Younghusband.
De Banco Rolls charge of theft cattle and goods by Cuthbertson and Younghusband 1413, don't know if they got off!


Quentin Younghusband.


* November 12, 2021, 05:25:03 PM
Gosh, you've done well! It certainly helps when they left wills.

I don't know whether manorial records for Aspatria survive - if so, they would probably be in Carlisle Record Office. Check on CASCAT (the online catalogue of Cumbria Record Offices) at but it seems to be down again at the moment. It is very temperamental. Otherwise an email to the Record Office may help - they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Some YOUNGHUSBANDs turn up in my newspaper transcriptions (there are indexes on this forum) but they are first half of 19th century so probably not that useful for you.

Have you looked at the Protestation Returns? They are now online (original images).

Good luck!