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Changes to Cumbria Archive Opening Times from 4th August 2021
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August 01, 2021, 11:40:33 AM
Please see the attached file below for the changes from 4th August.

Note you still need to pre-book to visit Kendal, Whitehaven and Barrow, pre-booking is not required for Carlisle unless you wish to view original materials.

They continue to offer an Enhanced remote enquiry service for those unable to visit the archive.
We shall now undertake an enhanced look-up and copying service if you are unable to visit our Archives. We can do one specific search of not more than 30 minutes duration per customer per Archive Centre free-of-charge. This replaces the previous free look-up service of 10 minutes duration. We shall provide, where relevant, photographs of documents. Please note these photographs will be for access purposes only and will not be to the higher standard provided by our Digitisation Service. For publication quality images, or for photographs of fragile or outsize documents, we may have to refer you to our Digitisation Service.

John Steel
Webmaster for CFHS