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Please note only shop downloads appear hear, if you have ordered copies of old documents they may be sent to you by email or through the post as photocopies when ready they are not available here. As they may have to be retrieved from the archive manually it can take over a week at times.

Any files you have purchased will remain available for download in this section for 30 days. You will be allowed to download up to 5 times to allow for the possibility of corrupted or interupted downloads. Please ensure you save a copy of the downloaded file for your future use. If for any reason you have not managed to download your files satifactorily within this period and limit, please contact the webmaster.

Details of your purchases will be retained in this area, however if you have not placed an order for over two years your history may no longer appear here. You can return to this area at any time by using the ORDER HISTORY button on every shop page. You may need your Customer number to revalidate your log in, this is on all order confirmations and can be obtained using the panel below.

Please note that with some computer installations using Adobe Reader the file may appear to not fully download, this is an issue with Adobe Reader not properly updating. Please Repair your Adobe installation from the help menu in Adobe Reader or re-install Adobe Reader to resolve the issue.

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If you consider you have valid downloads which are not appearing here, then try and log in below with your PayPal transaction number which is on the confirmation screen when paying, in the confirmation e-mail or can be found by checking your PayPal advice or account. It is a 17 character mixed letter and number code. Note it is not the PayPal reference on the email confirmation you get from PayPal, it is the PayPal Transaction Reference given in the order confirmation e-mail from us.

If you are still having problems then please contact the webmaster.

For files not available or time expired please contact the Webmaster.

Enter Client Reference

If no entries appear above or if entries are missing it is possible you ordered from a different computer or you have more than one client reference due to cookies being cleared on your computer. To find the missing entries please enter the client reference from your order confirmation in the form below. If you do not have your client reference then you can find it by using the form at the bottom of the page provided you know and have access to the email used when payment was made. If not then you will have to contact the webmaster.

Recover Client Reference

You can recover your client reference by entering your email address in form below, if a match is found in the database then you will be sent an email with your client reference. You must use the email that you used to pay for the items in the first place. Note that if you have used more than one computer to order then you may have more than one customer identity.

If you do not receive the email within a few minutes then check your spam folder.

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