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The parish map is the area where all information about each parish is collected together. You can either go to the map and click on the parish you wish to look at, or you can select from the drop down list at the top of the page to go to the relevant parish.

The first section of the page will give you some outline details of the parish and its churches plus a photo of the main church if we have one.

Where other information is available on line , links to that information will be provided. This could for example be to web sites with memorial inscriptions or other useful data.

Basic details are provided for the parish, this includes a map reference and a link to a modern day map of the location. There is then a link to the Cumbria County History website that will give you background historical details of the location.

There will be links to the GenUKI website which gives an overview from a Family History perspective of the location

If we have identified on line hearth tax records there will be a link to that website. There is also a link to a webiste giving details of Probate for the area, and if we have identified any other census details , such as thje 1787 Constables Census there will be links to the appropriate website.

The next section will give details of any publications CFHS have available for the location and links to them in the shop.

For members there is then a Members research section. In this area you can put up details of your interests for the parish so others can see what you are researching, there is also a private areas for notes that is only visible to you.

Next there is a list of records available from Family Search (IGI) which enables you to search for people and the search is restricted to this parish only.

The next section provides details of what the Cumbria Archive holds by way of records and where they are located.

The final section allows you to provide feedback for corrections or to supply new information for the parish concerned.

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