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  • Image credit : Barbara Smith

    Image credit : Barbara Smith

    A parish in Leath ward, Cumberland.
    St Andrew’s , Dacre, has had a church on this site for over 1000 years. The floor slabs are 10th century Viking and in the church are parts of pre-Viking crosses. Archaeological evidence suggests the church is built on the site of an ancient monastery which was mentioned by Bede in 731, it is assumed to have been destroyed by Vikings.

The registers of the parish of church of Dacre, Cumberland, 1559-1716 Available From Family Search

Basic Details

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Map Reference Cumbria County History Gen UKI Probate Jurisdictions pre 1858 Diocese of Carlisle. No Census Information
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DacreDacre St AndrewsCFHS

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Record Office is : Carlisle

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PR 187
Bishops Transcripts1645-1871 Carlisle
Pre 1974 CountyCumberland

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