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The availability of other records will depend on the areas you are trying to look at. For example if your ancestor was a craftsman you may be able to look to the guild records where he may be enrolled. The railways and police forces had thier own records and some are available. There are lists of publicans who ran pubs in the 19th Century though the lists are generally in pub name order rather than landlord order so can take a while to look through. You needed a licence to run a pub from about 1617, but the law became easier after 1828 resulting in a lot of new pubs being opened. Many a landlord ran a pub as a second occupation or it was run by thier wife who brewed the ale and some were no more than the front rooms of thier houses.

House deeds may give some indication of ownership, especially where a property was passed from generation to generation. It is possible there is a family bible which could have generations of the family listed.

Hospitals may have records and it is worth remembering that in earlier times the Workhouse was often a Hospital of last resort for many people and a woman may have been admitted to the poor house to give birth and then been released again. Where available these records should be in the relevant Records Office.

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