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You need to be logged in as a member to be able to use this page. There are two ways to log in. You can set up a Forum Account and you will be able to use that to log in once it is upgraded to member status. After setting up your Forum account you must log in on this page using the Member Code the first time to upgrade your Forum account. The Member Code is provided to you in your confirmation email when you join or renew on line. It is also provided from time to time in the Newsletter, particularly the first edition each year, if you still have problems finding the code please contact the Webmaster.

If you are not a Forum member then this code only logs you in to the end of the current year and you have to log in again every time it expires. For a more permanent log in it is recommended you join the Forum which gives you the option to remain logged in permanently. You can sign in using your Forum credentials or register for the Forum from the buttons at the bottom of this page.

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