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Cookies are small text files placed on your computer to help you use the website. They can for example contain an identification code so you can create a shopping basket or they can contain some log in information so you can obtain access to the members area. Note that if you use a browser in 'Private' mode, and some browsers work by default in that mode, this will prevent cookies being set and therefore may limit what you are able to do on the website, logging in as a member will over ride this restriction.

The Forum is used both as an area where members can exchange information and ask for help as well as a repository for data which includes all back issues of the Newsletter. There are two levels of membership in the Forum. Basic membership which is available to anyone give access to some areas of the Forum, but not to the areas that contain information. Full membership is only available to members of the Society and gives full access to the Forum.

If you pay on line and are already signed up as a Forum member then your account will be automatically upgraded. If you join the society before becoming a Forum Member or you join directly with the Membership Secretary and not on line, then you will have to go to the Member area of the website to upgrade your Forum membership before you will see all of the Forum.

Even if you have not joined the Forum you will be able to see the section that has all the instructions on how to join. Click Here

The RSS file contains details of recent changes to the website. This file can be read by clicking on the RSS icon which the at the right hand side of the set of icons at the top left of the page in normal mode or at the bottom of the 'hamburger' drop down menu in tablet/phone mode. Whether your browser can read this file will depend on your browser and you may need an 'add-on' program or even need a separate RSS reader to be able to read the file. This file is updated every night.

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