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The Society provides this on line facility to enable members to exchange thier family tree information and to provide a repository for family history information going forward.

Whilst the society will make every effort to ensure continued availability of the information saved in this repositiory it should not be considered as primary backup of data and members should ensure they have other methods of backing up thier data.

Members should in particular be aware that GEDCOM files in general only contain basic family tree information and do not contain any attachments or photographs that the primary software source may contain.

Members can choose that access to thier information is open to all other members, or they can restrict access to only those they have approved to have access.

No direct contact information will be divulged on this platform, however any member will be able to send a note to any other member using the note facility. It is up to members whether they reply to these notes or not.

It is up to each member to ensure that any information they put in thier GEDCOM files is accurate and that is is not subject to any copyright and that it does not contain the personal data of any living person.

The information placed in the repository is purely for personal use and personal research only, under no circumstances may it be used for professional purposes or copied or published in any format.

Once data is uploaded to the respository it is up to the member to control that data, they may remove that data at any time should they wish to do so, it can not however be guaranteed that copies of the data may still not exist in backup sets or on the computers of members who have downloaded the data.

Members may upload more than one GEDCOM file, however each member will have a storage limit which will be shown on the upload page, this may be varied from time to time depending on the capability of the society server

Data files belonging to persons who have ceased to be members will be retained as archives unless they have specifically requested they be removed.

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