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The Society has for some time been purchasing documents of local interest in order to preserve them. There was recently an opportunity to purchase some documents in bulk and this was negotiated by the society. These documents are are archive of an old solicitors practice in the Carlisle area and contain a wealth of information in various deeds, wills and other legal documents. The Society has now been able to sort and index the first batch of these documents and this index is being made available here.

If you find documents of interest you are able to purchase the original or copies of the document. Copies may be delivered electronically by email or photocopies by post depending on the size and complexity of the document. Please note that even if delivered electronically they will not appear in the shop download area as they are manually dealt with by email.

Please note that documents may have to be retrieved from archives and as work is carried out by volunteers it will depend on the time they have available as to how long this will take, please allow time to receive your order.

The index can only be searched using Surnames, however for each surname there is additional information available which will hopefully enable you to identify whether the document is of interest to you.

Once you place an original document in your cart it will be held and you have 24 hours to complete the purchase or the document will be removed from your cart and returned for sale.

If you purchase the original document CFHS will keep copy of the document and reserves to right to sell copies

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